Character Design Challenge #167- Shakespeare

As this past Saturday marked the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, I thought now might be a good time to do a contest based upon the bards work. So basically the idea is, go find a list of Shakespearian characters and do your take on them. You can stay word for word faithful to the source material or you can modernise the character, if you want to you can do the characters in a completely different genre, just so long as they are recognisable. You may do multiple characters in one picture if you are feeling ambitious, provided they are from the same play. Also, please put which play the character is from with your entry (unless blindingly obvious e.g. Macbeth or Hamlet).

As per usual, no limits on the number of entries and the contest will close at midnight Saturday (blog time). Please read the contest rules before entering, have fun and good luck.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges that I am hosting: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warnings. Only post characters that you have either created for this contest specifically or you know for certain have never been entered to a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

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17 Responses to Character Design Challenge #167- Shakespeare

  1. iioo says:

    >Original characters only

    >You can stay word for word faithful to the source material

    Wait, what?

  2. Brons says:

    Well, I suppose I really have to submit this one. I did it some time ago, but I never entered it in a contest before. It’s from Macbeth, the “Dagger of the Mind” scene.

    “Is this a dagger which I see before me,
    The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee.
    I have thee not, and yet I see thee still.
    Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible
    To feeling as to sight? or art thou but
    A dagger of the mind, a false creation,
    Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain?”

    Also seen on my DeviantArt page:

  3. Worf says:

    >Original characters only

    >You can stay word for word faithful to the source material

    Wait, what?

    iioo, Shakespeare’s stuff is ALL public domain. You can do what you will with his characters, hence you can make them for the contests here. The “original characters only” clause is there to stop you from using sources that are copyrighted for these contests. Ex: Even if the contest calls for a broody night vigilante, you can’t make Batman….

  4. superfly30 says:

    This one is pretty far removed from what I normally do. My entry is a more fantasy version of Titania from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. She is resting on the forest floor. I re-imagined the artwork from the source material. “She is the perfect fairy queen — exquisite, dainty, luxurious, self-willed, capricious, coquettish; and thoroughly royal in one and all.”

    Source material:

    My version:

    Side-by-side comparison:

  5. AssassinPerson says:

    I did a slightly more Modern version of R&J, but it didn’t come out super amazingly.


  6. djuby says:

    Mustardseed from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  7. melmo44 says:

    I went with Hamlet, because I remember that one best.

    ‘Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a man of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.’

  8. Xinmodic says:

    Macbeth consumed by his madness and paranoia continues to kill.

  9. Sebastian Bembenek says:

    To Be.

    A traditional take on the famous scene from hamlet.

  10. cliff says:

    I would be sorely amiss not to do a satyr

    Thou speak’st aright;
    I am that merry wanderer of the night.
    I jest to Oberon and make him smile
    When I a fat and bean-fed horse beguile,
    Neighing in likeness of a filly foal:
    And sometime lurk I in a gossip’s bowl,
    In very likeness of a roasted crab,
    And when she drinks, against her lips I bob
    And on her wither’d dewlap pour the ale.
    The wisest aunt, telling the saddest tale,
    Sometime for three-foot stool mistaketh me;
    Then slip I from her bum, down topples she,
    And ‘tailor’ cries, and falls into a cough;
    And then the whole quire hold their hips and laugh,
    And waxen in their mirth and neeze and swear
    A merrier hour was never wasted there.

    If we shadows have offended,
    Think but this, and all is mended,
    That you have but slumber’d here
    While these visions did appear.
    And this weak and idle theme,
    No more yielding but a dream,
    Gentles, do not reprehend:
    If you pardon, we will mend:
    And, as I am an honest Puck,
    If we have unearned luck
    Now to ‘scape the serpent’s tongue,
    We will make amends ere long;
    Else the Puck a liar call;
    So, good night unto you all.
    Give me your hands, if we be friends,
    And Robin shall restore amends.

  11. cliff says:

    I don’t usually tweak during a contest but …
    I added some foreground and additional background foliage to my the forest look more primal.
    You can judge which ever one ya like best.
    so once again here is Puck/Robin Goodfellow from A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  12. Vampyrist says:

    Going off my Iago I made for the Shakespeare Pop quiz, here is Othello. He is the new leader of a superhero team. Iago is jealous that he was not made leader and plotted his vengeance upon the strong hero.

  13. Vampyrist says:

    The ghost of king Hamlet, with a little Del Toro inspired bloody ear.

  14. JR19759 says:

    Ok guys, this weeks contest is now closed. The result will be up shortly.