Atomic Girl

atomicgirlI was indulging my latest weird past time this morning by watching other people play games (seriously, what's up with that?!) on Twitch.TV and came across a fun new streamer playing Fallout 4 (my other latest addiction) named Atomic Girl. She recognized the name and had very kind things to say about HeroMachine, which was both surprising and flattering!

It turns out she makes really cool dieselpunk and steampunk stuff, so if that's your jam check out her shopΒ or visit her on Facebook.

Good luck with your Twitch career, Atomic Girl!

One Response to Atomic Girl

  1. Gene says:

    Fallout 4, I love it. But it’s got it’s hooks in me.

    “Sure, I’ll work on that quest, just let me scrounge up a couple more clipboards and wrenches to build another wall first!” πŸ™‚