Character Of The Week: Hawk007- Blood And Fire

So, to kick off a new year of COTW's we're going to have this very interesting piece by Hawk. Now I'm sure everyone can tell why I've picked this. It's is very difficult to do a back facing pose on Heromachine and make it look good, we don't have items that facilitate such a pose, so you have to work around it and usually it looks slightly off, no matter how good you are.  Hawk has managed to get round this problem with what can only be described as "a lot of shading". If I had to nit-pick I'd say he could have used different gauntlets or paid a bit more attention to their placement, and trying to do something for the feet, rather than basically blacking it out, but those bits don't detract from the picture in too severe of a fashion, as I said, nit-picks. Overall, the item usage to make the pose work is excellent and the atmosphere is brilliantly done.

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