Character Of The Week- Year Recap

Hey guys, JR here. As it's getting to the end of the year, I thought it might be fun to compile all of this years COTW's into one big (and long) list, just for the hell of it.


January 9: Linea24- Twilight Sky

January 16: Anarchangel- Various (Dragonfly shown)

January 23: DeliriousAl- Hummingbird

January 30: Viper- Artillery

February 6: Candruth- Portrait

February 13: Heromachine Community & MadJack- Creators Club Poster

February 20: Viper- Kradothor

February 27: Roga Monk- Untitled

March 6: Wolf Master- Dust

March 13: Jeimuzu- Mech Suit: Brightstrike

March 20: Lull-Carae- Just Another Day For Lullasy

March 27: Ubiquitous Pixel- Spirit Of Spartacus

April 3: Candruth- Rossus/ Jeimuzu- Mech Suit: Stratus X/ Lull-Carae- Sweet Death

April 10: Ubiquitous Pixel- Guardian Angel

April 17: Jeimuzu- Mech Suit- Breaker R3D

April 24: Ubiquitous Pixel- Warrior Of The Light/ Skoul- Crimson

May 1: Jeimuzu- Iro Kenshi

May 8: DiCicatriz- Worldbreaker

May 15: Nug- Frog King

May 22: RobM- Beets By Dre

May 29: Candruth- Hooded Man

June 5: AMS- Disturbed/ Maverik1313- t90

June 12: AMS- The Aviator

June 19: Zyp- W.I.P

June 26: Suleman- Hover Hands

July 3: Mr. Nobody- Silhouette of War

July 10: AMS vs. Nug- Collision

July 17: Cliff- Andre Johnson

July 24: DiCicatriz- AMS Villains

July 31: Ubiquitous Pixel- Spartacus Attacks

August 7: (No COTW)

August 14: AMS- Mirage

August 21: Ubiquitous Pixel- Villain

August 28: Vampyrist- The Orion

September 4: Jeimuzu- Various (Mech Suit: Emerald Destiny shown)

September 11: Stulte- Hubrecht and Ima

September 18: Linea24- Guide Arthasi Cerca

September 25: Yin- Hathor

October 2: Stulte- The Floating Archipelago & Honu Po O Kea (The Floating Archipelago shown)

October 9: (No COTW)

October 16: Anarchangel- Aerial

October 23: AMS- Plasma Evil

October 30: CantDraw- Demoness

November 6: Candruth- Malai

November 13: Vectorman316- The Judge

November 20: ExtremelyEPIC- Heavy Unit Turtle Shell

November 27: Candruth- Anorhil

December 4: Candruth- Manhunter

December 11: djuby- Opal & Lapis (Lapis shown)


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