Character Of The Week- Anorhil


I thought we had quite a good run of featuring different people each week for COTW. Unfortunately, Candruth has decided to show up again, so it means back to business as it was earlier this year, because it's so hard not to pick her work when doing these posts. Her shading and use of colour are almost unequalled. This week had no shortage of excellent pictures from members of the community, but this one just stood out.

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5 Responses to Character Of The Week- Anorhil

  1. Vectorman316 says:

    Dat face. Dat dress. Dat… everything!

    it seems like everyone brought their A-game this week as well. Good ishh, everybody 😀

  2. The Atomic Punk says:

    Nice picks for this week’s pics!

    @ExtremelyEPIC: Snow Traveller has amazing story-telling. The shadow in the snow and swirling wind add so much depth.

    @Mr. Nobody: Two Figures (Moonlight) is a great silhouette. Very simple in execution and the features of each character are recognizable.

    @RobM: Xmas Tree is very festive. I believe that the foot is a projector but it seems rather off. In real world terms, it makes sense. Personally, I think the picture would be cleaner without it.

    @Vectorman316: Armoured Juma is awesome. The juma perched the rock, focused on its prey. The armor is functional and ornamental. If I saw a knight charging into battle on this juma, I would know instantly that he holds rank. That background! Yes!

  3. Arioch says:

    @vampyrist: I love your troll. I said out loud: “wow”. Well done!

  4. djuby says:

    These are all amazing!

  5. Herr D says:

    [grumbling: where’s my reverse-engineering software?] Uh, good work, guys! Particularly good work on the glowy stuff this week . . . [rummaging through various noisy hardware . . . ]