Character Of The Week: AMS- The Aviator

These last few weeks have really reminded me why I used to hero worship AMS when I first started heromachine. We spent so much time on COTW recently focusing on relatively new community members like Jeimuzu, Candruth and Ubiquitous Pixel and all the while AMS has been sitting there in the background and then, when the new guys let their guard down he's there with stuff like this. It's like listening to any of your favourite modern bands and then going back and listening to the stuff you grew up listening to, you quickly remember why you loved them so much Β (if we're talking bands, I'd say AMS is the Led Zeppelin of Heromachine). I suppose I should actually talk about the picture at some point in this post, so I shall quickly point out that AMS still puts over 3/4 of us to shame when it comes to shading and the metallic sections of the costume are sublime.

Gallery- Planet AMS

Also Awesome This Week

Mod Note: There where at least 3 or 4 here this week that I felt I could have talked about for the main COTW, it was a good week. Well done guys.

Cliff- Tate McCloud

Gallery- Cliff's Eclectic Mayhem

Geno- Haunted

Gallery- Geno's Gallery

Linea24- Story Lyric and Flower Lyric (COTW Silver Medal, because I'm predictable like that).

Gallery- Linea24's Astra Universe

MadJack- Fighting Yank (before and after)

Gallery- Mad Jack's World of Superheroes & Villains

Skoul- Starchild

Gallery- Skoul's Mind

Ubiquitous Pixel- Huntsmen Revamp

Huntsmen Revamp_zpsgrqhkmpq


Gallery- My Collection of Creative Imagination

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9 Responses to Character Of The Week: AMS- The Aviator

  1. Herr D says:

    Great works, one and all.
    @ams: Amazing ‘Machining Syndrome? Is that what it really stands for?
    @Geno: Some people I used to know in the volunteer recruiting field might greatly appreciate “Haunted.” Contact ?
    @Cliff: Is there someone rotten in front of Denmark?
    @Linea: I’m hiding those pics from my five-year-old. She’ll demand I buy her the MLP stuffies that don’t even exist!

  2. djuby says:

    Very cool collection!

  3. wolvie316 says:

    AMS was and is the main dude I look up too. He made me realize there is something much more to this program

  4. djuby says:

    AMS was and is the main dude I look up too. He made me realize there is something much more to this program

    Same here!

  5. cliff says:

    AMS Aviator
    Everything is outstanding … but then it was AMS! So go figure. Bowing before the master!

    And can I just say I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I’m on a Character Of The Week post! WOOT!
    And that wasn’t even the corrected map!
    Thanks JR! Glad ya liked it!
    And what distinguised company to be in too!!

    Geno- Haunted
    OK not even counting the spooky atmospheric vibe there.
    The pose just had me checking it out, those side by side sneakers … NOT easy to do in HM3 and make them look right. added with the hair covering the face, the arm and knees, AND the monsters in the dark and of course said dark, and nice creepy work there.

    Linea24- Story Lyric and Flower Lyric
    and I love the colors, and I can see them without trying to strain to look, always a plus for me.

    MadJack- Fighting Yank
    Very kewl patriotic hero and kewl update.

    Skoul- Starchild
    Another star themed patriot, clean and simple design, kewl blue/red duality going there.

    Ubiquitous Pixel- Huntsmen Revamp
    Very kewl imposing/frightening look to him. I wish I could do clothes and metal that good. And of course the flaming head just makes my head explode! heh heh πŸ™‚

  6. ams says:

    Thanks JR for the positive exposure/critique and to all the ‘machiners for their kind words. All pics this week had some great subjects with technique and emotion. Cheers!

  7. dreadyacht says:

    This is a broadcast from the BBC. The BBC weather image is awesome!

  8. cliff says:

    Thanks Dreadyacht, Glad you like it. Are you from England?
    I am SO fortunate to be here on COTW with such awesome artists.

  9. dreadyacht says:

    Why yes cliff, I’m British. Thx for asking. Have a free superhero: P.S. look carefully at the hands.