Character Of The Week: Nug- Frog King

Now sometimes there's a picture that comes along that is just frogking brilliant, I mean like toadally awesome. Something just so ribbiting that I feel I may well croak. And this is one of those times (plus, in case anyone hadn't noticed, it gives me an opportunity to pun so hard I just couldn't let it pass). It's just so off the wall. I will include an earlier version as well in this post, because I feel the face is better, but the costume is certainly not something I would change. If I had to say on how to improve this though, I would say the legs could be a tad bulkier, but not by much and that's only a very minor niggle. Anyway, nice one Nug, have a COTW. (Anyone notice the point when I ran out of frog puns?)

And best face of the year award goes to-

He looks so pleased with himself, like he just farted and nobody noticed.



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