Character Of The Week: Jeimuzu- Mech Suit: Brightstrike

I'm sorry, this is ridiculous. Does this not look like it was hand drawn and coloured rather than created on Heromachine? I mean, I see bits I recognise from the 'machine, but the way they're put together defies all logic. Those of you who remember the original COTW run know that I'm a big fan of Jeimuzu's work, but this one takes the biscuit, cake, confectionary isle and the whole damn store. How long did this take to do anyway? I guess we now know what Jei was doing in the few months he was away from us. And if you would care to share exactly how you did that shading Jeimuzu-senpai, it would be much appreciated.

SUPERNOVA 3_zpsrqd6dydc.jpg~original

Oh, and Jeff, if you're reading this, HOF at all? I think it deserves it.

For some reason I feel like watching Neon Genesis Evangelion….

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