Open Critique Day #17

Hello again, everyone! It's time for another Open Critique Day! Fire away, everyone!

As for how this goes, you post a work of yours, finished or WIP (aka work in process, for those who are new to abbreviations), and then others give you critiques on your work.  I do not mind if you post the occasional non-HM picture or piece of writing. Just make sure that you only post pictures that are your own design and not any that copyrighted or based off of copyrighted characters. 

Also, if you post a work, it is highly recommended that you also give someone else a critique.

3 Responses to Open Critique Day #17

  1. Lef says:

    Lets start this one up with…. I actually dont have a name XD
    Obviously hes not done but i wanted to know what the community thought about it 😉

  2. Worf says:

    @Lef: Two things for me. First is that unless the blood spatter is old (in which case it should have a darker tone of red), it should be on the shirt as well.
    Second is the mouth, it should be centered. You can mask it if you want to make it look af if the bandages cover part of it, but to the side like that is way beyond even a broken jaw (and even that would only dislocate the bottom teeth, not the top).

  3. Lef says:

    @Worf Thanks 😉 On it