Kaldath's Caption Contest #26 – Results

Two weeks ago I asked you to give me your best dialogue for the following image:


After some delays on the judging, namely last weeks site update and me sleeping in today due to being a tad under the weather, We now get to see the winners. Out of the many many fine entries entered into this contest the following are my top five:

Herr D:  “-98-99-100! TAG, YOU’RE IT!”


JR19759: “Why don’t you get your own movie next time? It’s bad enough I have Batman stealing the spotlight in my sequel, without having you there as well.”


Bael: So, Hulk is just standing there, right next to Thor, and…


Calvary_Red: “If I had to choose between you and Batman? Well…”


rhinoman: For the millionth time I said, “LEGGO MY EGGO!”

And the Winner is ....................................



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