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Sorry guys, no video post this week. I sat down to record, everything was going quite nicely and then I got interrupted by my housemate knocking on my door, so that recording went out the window. Then second time I tried recording, my webcam failed. And the story then continues in a similar vein from there-on-in, car-alarms going off, other miscellaneous noise, you get the idea, so I'm not gonna keep trying re-records, I'm just gonna do it typed for this week. Sorry about that and all, but hopefully it'll be service as usual next week.

Anyway. This week we have 2 questions, both from Kaldath, because he asked 2 questions that I really wanted to answer. I'll include the questions below and my answers will be after the jump.

QOTD 1: Do you collect anything?

QOTD 2: Do you have a cherished childhood television show, animated or otherwise?


QOTD 1: Do you collect anything?

Yes. Let's see; toy cars. And I mean toy cars, not models, because when I'm older and have kids I fully intend to let them play with them. I don't get the point of collecting toys (be it trains, cars, soldiers, whatever) and just keeping them in a box for the rest of eternity. These things were built to be played with, so they should be played with. I've also recently gotten back into collecting Pokemon cards. I used to collect them back when I was kid and Pokemon was brand new (so late 90's) and I've got a few hundred sitting up in the attic at home somewhere. Since I got back to uni I've got a couple of packs worth (including a shiny Greninja and a Shiny Dragonite, which is very nice). Then you've got the graphic novels. Unlike Myro a can actually read crossover event comics (despite the fact that some of them are properly rubbish (see Civil War)) so I tended to focus on them, but more recently I've been collecting stuff like Umbrella Academy, Sandman and Green Lantern collected editions, stuff like that, moving away from the crossover stuff (although I'd still like to finish the Crisis Quartet at some point, I'm only missing Identity Crisis, which is annoying). And then you've got the Doctor Who DVD's, new series complete seasons (only need the last season now), plus the old series classics like Genesis Of The Daleks and ones like that. So yeah, I do collect a few things.

QOTD 2: Do you have a cherished childhood television show, animated or otherwise?

Ok, lets see here, what did I watch as a kid. Well, you had the Spider-Man cartoons (I can't rightly remember which  series, but we're talking one that was shown in the very late 90's), Fantastic Four animated series, The Batman animated series, Disney's Hercules cartoons, Scooby Doo (which, surprisingly enough is the only kids TV show I can remember watching that was on CBBC rather than CITV other than Blue Peter, no wait, actually I think The Really Wild Show was on CBBC), Tom and Jerry (and Tom and Jerry kids). It's surprisingly hard to think of what I remember from my childhood when it comes to kids shows, because I still watch stuff that I watched as a kid. But, if I'm honest, everything I've listed so far has just been honourable mentions, because if we're talking "cherished" childhood TV shows, ones that defined my childhood then it comes down to two; Pokemon and Digimon.

Now, I'm gonna go ahead and say, I still watch both these shows. I've gone back and watched every series of both, in marathon, and, at the risk of this turning into a review, one certainly stands head and shoulders above the other. And of course that is the one that was my favourite as a child. So lets start off with Pokemon. This series was always fun as a kid, it brought the little monsters from the cards and the games to life and made them either cuter or more awesome. I could still sing you the first series theme song, I know it off by heart and have done since the series first aired. Of course they did screw a few things up when transitioning from game to anime, a few of the rules didn't quite make it across (Electric type attacks working on Ground type Pokemon in the anime, where in the games Ground is immune to Electric), plus Ash was completely useless and didn't understand that Pokemon generally tend to get stronger if you evolve them! But the characters were fun, they gave characters such as the Gym Leaders and Nurse Joy so much more life than they got in the games (tell me that Blaine was better in the games than in the anime, I dare you) and Misty is the reason why Water Type is my favourite Pokemon type to this day.

However, when it comes down to it, Digimon was just so much better, and it's a shame that not more people recognise this. If we go by each series produced, the Pokemon anime never seems to go anywhere, it just stays static in terms of character development (apart from in the Sinnoh arc, where Ash actually becomes a good trainer, before magically becoming completely useless again at the start of the Unova arc), where as Digimon lets its characters progress, become better and then it will start again with a new set of characters. And even if we look at the series I remember from my childhood (season 1 in both cases, plus a little bit of season 2 from both), Digimon still comes out on top because it had so much more to it than Pokemon did. Because they allowed their characters to grow you had room for emotion and they put in bits which were absolutely killer (see S1E37 for proof, that episode still brings tears to my eye and if you watched Digimon you know which episode I'm talking about). Pokemon never had that effect on me, because it was more childish, the emotional moments they put in were haltered by the fact that you knew that nothing was really gonna change (apart from Ep21 of the Indigo arc obviously, but even that didn't have the same emotional impact). So Digimon was always tops for me and still is, I might have fallen behind on the dub of the new series, but I watched the sub last year so I know what happens and it's a very good season (up there with season 3 IMO).

Anyway, I think I've rambled long enough. Once again, sorry for the lack of video, there will be one up next week. I might carry on the 2 questions a week thing, if you guys like the idea. It'll make the videos a bit longer, but I don't mind doing extra if you want me to.

That's it for this week, remember you can leave your questions in the comments below (and they don't have to be Heromachine based questions guys, I'd actually prefer none HM questions if possible) and thanks for reading.

JR out.

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17 Responses to Sharing Day

  1. Herr D says:

    1. I’ve been fascinated with what other people collect, but unable to collect anything except materials and tools to make with. That includes collecting data on people to use to write believable characters. Nothing makes a character more believable than being made of thirty other people.

    2. I did cherish “Land Of The Lost” until the character lineup changed. I cherished the “Bugs Bunny / Roadrunner Show–maybe I still do. I cherish the Muppet Show. Cherish might be the wrong word, but I will always value Sesame Street and The Electric Company episodes aired at the beginning of the ’70’s. I taught myself to read watching them, became an unusually early reader.

  2. djuby says:

    1. I have several mini-collections, but nothing that numbers more than maybe five or six items.

    2. Growing up in the 60s meant one thing…Batman…nananananana…Batman! Used to get home from school just in time for the first commercial break, so I never knew who the villain was going to be, and the crime had more or less been committed. It sparked a lifelong fascination with Batman, and even a tattoo of the Dark Knight. Still catch it when I can. The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Hour was a decades long tradition for my dad and I. I still watch it now and then, and it brings back great memories of those Saturday afternoons sprawled on the couch with my dad laughing ourselves silly.

  3. Arioch says:

    1. I collect Ars Magica books 😀
    I have some myth cloth, and a lot of comics

    2. Gargoyles. I loved it sooo much, and still do.

  4. Timedrop23 says:

    1. I have a few collections. One is an almost complete collection of R.L. Stine’s original Goosebumps series. I am unfortunately missing #43: The Beast From the East. I am still working on collecting the original 50 State Quarters, and I feel compelled to buy any deck of cards I see at a yard sale.
    Oh, and I’m the guy with 500 VHS copies of Speed. Just Kidding 🙂

    2. I used to watch Brisco County, Jr. when I was a kid. It’s what JJ Abrams and Carlton Cuse put together in their days before Lost hit it big. I was probably too young, but Bruce Campbell was funny and Billy Drago is still one of the creepiest villains I have ever seen.

  5. Myro says:

    Collect a few things. Geeky t-shirts. Mr. Potato Heads. My Little Pony. Probably need to stop collecting stuff.

    Cherished shows as a kid? Probably Looney Tunes and Spider-Man (the late 60s cartoon). Unfortunately, a lot of the shows I used to love as a kid didn’t age well, and it’s hard to look nostalgically back on them.

    And WOOT! I got a mention for my hatred of crossover event comics. Gives me a warm feeling inside.

  6. ams says:

    Collecting comics and action, superhero themed cartoons. Just recieved Thundercats season 1 volume 2 and Superfriends Season 2 in the mail.

    I have many cherished shows that I watched and buy today, but the one I remember geeking out the most about and can’t buy yet because its not available is Spiderman and his amazing friends. Love to get my hands on that series.

  7. Malfar says:

    Me, I don’t collect anything (downloading pictures of what I want to collect and drooling over them doesn’t count, I think).

    As a child, I watched TV a lot, so I have many shows and cartoons that I cherish. Can’t really choose, so I’ll just name those that will flash in my mind sooner than the others. And that’s Space Cases and Beetleborgs, Thunder in the Paradise and Nightman, Viper (I think it’s called Viper, anyways…a clone of Knight Rider) and Cleo2525. All those shows are ridiculous, but cool.

  8. Myro says:

    I have many cherished shows that I watched and buy today, but the one I remember geeking out the most about and can’t buy yet because its not available is Spiderman and his amazing friends. Love to get my hands on that series.

    AMS, if you’re looking to sate any Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cravings while waiting for the DVDs to come out, it is available in Canada on Netflix. I have a friend that’s been watching it.

  9. TOOL says:

    QOTD 1: I use to collect all kinds of things, DBZ card game cards, Spawn comics, R.A. Salvatore novels, bottle caps from all kinds of sodas or beers, shiny rocks gathered from family road trips, girl friends from all over the U.S.

    QOTD 2: I actually use to love Ronin Warriors, Dragon Ball Z, Original Transformers, Gargoyles, Thundercats, G.I. Joe, X-Men, Spider-Man, Gundam, Biker Mice From Mars, and the Street Sharks TV show to name a few from my childhood.

  10. Kaldath says:

    Well As I mentioned when I asked the questions, I am a sword collector, but I also collect dragon and wizard figurines, AND though I never considered it “collecting” before I guess you can say I collect High Fantasy and Sci-Fi Novels considering the small library worth of said books I have up on my shelves! However since discovering ebooks a number of years ago I haven’t added anything to my “Collection” in a while and have been slowing giving away the books I do have to a friend of mine and fellow book lover!

    Two TV shows I can remember as a kid many many years ago, that I remember never wanting to miss a single episode of was The Adam West Batman series, and Speed Racer! Neither series has much appeal to me no as an adult, but as a Kid you could not pull me away from the TV when those shows were on!

  11. melmo44 says:

    Question 1- I have a few smaller collections: some rock and metal vinyl records, a few swords and knives and little geeky odds and ends. But if I collect anything, it’s books. Lots and lots of books.

    Question 2- There are lots of shows I can answer this with, but I’ll try a condensed list. As a younger kid- Inspector Gadget, Ninja Turtles, Darkwing Duck, and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Then the comic-based shows: X-Men, 90’s Spider-Man (although I watched the much older version too), and of course Batman: TAS. There was also Gargoyles and the Mighty Ducks and whatnot. As a bit older of a kid, the big ones were a 3 hour block on Saturday afternoon: The Adventures of Sinbad, Hercules the Legendary Journeys, and Xena Warrior Princess. Best ever.

  12. BurnedSmackdown says:

    1. When I was young I used to collect smooth rocks for no reason a part from I wanted to

    2. Power Rangers

  13. TOOL says:

    @melmo44, I use to ove the old Hercules show too! My wife would make fun of me when I would feel nostalgic and watch one of them or some other older show like star trek TNG.

  14. Trekkie says:

    1. My DVD collection. It is rather large (it’s been going for years), ever-growing and taking over the corner of the living room. It’s mostly made up of several smaller collections- classic Doctor Who serials, sci-fi, animation, classics, old tv shows, war movies (the largest- 29 of them), film noir (which is rapidly expanding) and Billy Wilder movies (my new favourite director thanks to my film studies teacher). I don’t know whether you’d really call it a ‘collection’ as such, but I’ve got a lot of markers, after I realised that I couldn’t get the results I wanted on a limited selection of colours, so now whenever I go to the large art store near Southampton, I almost always pick up a few new markers.

    2. I’m not really sure. I loved the old Looney Tunes when I was little, but I think the honour really goes to Thunderbirds. I loved it when I was little, especially watching the same two episodes over and over on VHS (surprised I never wore the tape out. And yes, I do remember when videos were still pretty popular and most people didn’t have a DVD player). Even though I am fully aware of how silly it can be sometimes and that yes, it is rather silly and cheesy sometimes, I still have a very soft spot for it.

  15. ams says:

    @ Myro – Thanks for the info. I idn’t know it was on there. Guess I might have to breakdown and subscribe…..

  16. JR19759 says:

    I knew I forgot something to add to my list of things I collect. I’m also trying to collect signature baseballs of every major league team. Unfortunately this one has taken a bit of a back seat now, because I haven’t been over to the states in a few years and my Dad doesn’t go out on business trips over there anymore, so it’s hard to get hold of them. But at the moment I’ve got either 5 or 6, San Francisco Giants, New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves and I’ve forgotten what the others are (they’re at home and I’m at uni so I can’t check, could be the Boston Red Sox, not sure). I do quite like Baseball, it’s much easier to watch than any other American sport for me, unless you count Nascar.I’m sorry, but I really can’t stand American Football and I don’t care for Basketball. But I’ll quite happily sit down and watch Baseball, I’ve been to one Major League game last time I was over in the states (Mets, can’t remember who they were playing though, but it was a good game) and two feeder team games the time previously. Can’t say I really have a team, but my Dad supports the Toronto Blue Jays (I’m not entirely sure why, but oh well). Anyway, my OCD tendencies wouldn’t allow me to leave something out, so I just had to add it in. Must say, I’m definitely carrying on the two questions next week because it’s really interesting reading peoples answers. Although, it looks like I’ll have to be falling back on my back-up questions next video.

    & @Myro- I still remember that rant from TBQ6, it did take up half the page in the comments section you know.

  17. Linea24 says:

    1.) I’ve never really collected anything on a long-term basis, except for beads, which I use for my jewelry-making. Though, I did collect Kelly dolls when I was little.

    2.) I have quite a few childhood TV shows that I have good memories of. The ones I have the best memories of watching are Cyberchase, Kim Possible, Digimon, Lilo & Sitch, and Ben 10. What I find ironic, though, is that I never watched the Pokemon anime much when I was young(er) and yet now I’m obsessed with the video games.