Custom Illustration: Arrow Wolf

I think I forgot to post this one a few weeks back when I was finished with it, but "Arrow Wolf" is a character by Brad Carter. Here's the HeroMachine 3 version he sent me:


The description I got was:

Arrow-Wolf is an archer and a swordsman his costume is a mix between indian and a knight his companion is Jackle the legendary black wolf id like him to be in the pic to if that's extra money no problem I want the costume for arrow-wolf to be somewhat diff I had an idea of his hood being made out of a wolf's hide his eyes would be looking out of where the wolf's eyes would be and he wears warpaint ... arrow wolf is about 5'11 200lbs of muscle kinda athletic built I told you about the hood I wanted for him but im not sure if its gonna look right or not so we can play witht he idea though he has arrows and small throwing knives he uses as his gadgets ...

We did a bit of back and forth on the design and ultimately we ended up with this illustration:


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