Custom Illustration: Demora

Another commissioned piece for Brad Carter, his arch-villain Demora. Here's the original HM3 version:



And here's the final piece:


If you like it, please let Brad know in the comments. And if you want your own commissioned piece of artwork, you can find out more here!

9 Responses to Custom Illustration: Demora

  1. Avatar djuby says:


  2. Avatar Arioch says:


  3. Avatar TOOL says:

    COOL LOOKING CHARACTER. Very dark yet vibrant while being very menacing.

  4. hawk007 hawk007 says:

    This is hawk007. For some reason, I can’t log in.
    Ok, so how much does this cost? I don’t think I’d really do it, but I just curious. That’s really good.

  5. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Hi Hawk, logging in is currently broken, Friend of HeroMachine Ben is working on fixing that hopefully tonight.

    As for commissions, you can find more details on the page for it but in a nutshell it’s $50 for one figure and $75 for two in the same illustration.

    OR you can try to win JJ’s Special Contest going on now! One of the prizes you can choose is a custom color illustration and there aren’t very many entries.

  6. Avatar djuby says:

    Actually I think I won one of these on the Monsters contest – formerly FNF – and completely forgot about it.

  7. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    You did indeed, djuby! Be sure to email me with what you’d like.

  8. Avatar djuby says:

    It’s just like Christmas without the irritating music!

  9. Avatar dblade says:

    Great piece! It’s coming right at me!