Whiz Bang Poll #4 Delayed Because of Kimono

Instead of posting a poll I decided to create a Kimono as my item of the week. I will miss the excitement of the voting but I hope you won't mind so much. I'll get back to the polls the following week.

Ah, what the heck. Here is a little poll to help me focus on the next couple of polls. I chose a couple of sets that I personally wanted to focus on but I left it open for people to add to the voting.


7 Responses to Whiz Bang Poll #4 Delayed Because of Kimono

  1. JR19759 says:

    I suppose that a delay due to kimono is better than having a tree on the line or something.
    BTW what happened to all of the prizes from the Villainy and Valour contest, I remember seeing a few of them in concept stage but I don’t think any of them ever got put onto the ‘machine.

  2. Lordgrimm01 says:

    I think it was just before Jeff got the job that wasn’t what it was “cracked” up to be

  3. CKnap says:

    Really hoping we get some new tech leg armor. We have none that work well with the armor we have.

  4. dblade says:

    @JR19759: Some have made it in already, while the others are waiting for when I have a little extra time to knock them out.

  5. Simon says:

    Agree with CKnap, we’ve got precious few Tech legs and none that match some of the lovely Tech Tops

  6. Folkly says:

    Insignias would be great also – someone else was asking for that recently and giving examples, but I can’t find the comment. I’m particularly wanting a 4-pointed star, like the 5-pointed one next to the dollar sign in Insignias though maybe narrower points – like the one in a compass rose.

  7. dblade says:

    I’m leaning toward scifi leg armor next, followed by scifi helmets, then fantasy leg armor. I’ll get back to boots as well as some of the other suggestions posted. This has truly been helpful in focusing my efforts.