HM3: Stompin Time!


The Ent foot and reptilian abomination foot from the week 3 poll have kicked their way into the Machine! You can find these items in the FootRight/Monster set. Did I mention that we put together a new set for monstrous/creature feet? Mostly old items at the moment but hopefully more will follow.

2 Responses to HM3: Stompin Time!

  1. Mr. Q says:

    What about the rhino feet? I thought you said they would be added since they came in second?

  2. dblade says:

    Patience, grasshopper. Technically I finished these feet earlier than planned (I gave myself a week to work on the winning item after the poll is closed). I’ve been jumping ahead on the items so far and completing more than scheduled. I’ve created this structure to keep a consistent flow of items but lowering the chances of burn out. The rhino foot will come.