Anime Talk: Not For Me!


The "Anime Talk" column here on the blog is normally geared towards fans of anime, this week I want to hear from that segment of our community that doesn't watch nor do they care to watch any anime.  I'd love to know why you do not like anime, what about it turns you away is it something about the entire genre or was there a particular anime series or movie that ruined it for you ? As I have mentioned a few time that the classic anime movie Akira almost made me into an Anime Hater. I watched that movie and could not stand it and did not want to see anymore anime. If it were not for a stubborn friend that kept pushing anime on me until he found something I did like I likely would not be writing about Anime on this blog today.


So that's our topic of discussion for this week, leave your comments below letting us all know about why you don't watch anime, and so that our anime fans out there do not feel left out on this topic I'd like to ask you what Anime (s) series or movies you dislike even though you are fans of the genre.

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