It’s a Wonder: The Voice Actors of DC Universe Online Speak Out


If you know this depiction of Wonder Woman, then you know Susan Eisenberg.

On Google+ I saw this very interesting article that DCUO ( DC Universe Online ) shared and I wanted to share it with you all!


Here is an excerpt:


This statement will reveal my impending old age to anyone that reads this, but here goes: to me, Lynda Carter will always be Wonder Woman. As a young child, I was obsessed with the television show in which she starred, and it was my introduction to the raven-haired Amazonian princess.

Alas, it is obviously time for me to let go of my childhood crush and admit the character has evolved since the days I watched a bespectacled Diana Prince twirl around and explode into her Wonder Woman disguise. And who better than Susan Eisenberg to take Carter's place as my mental image of such a goddess? Eisenberg is the voice of Wonder Woman to modern audiences; she's performed the role in Justice LeagueJustice League Unlimited, and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

She also inhabits the role in DC Universe Online, a game which takes its superheroes veryseriously, and as well it should. I approached Eisenberg and several of her colleagues, all of whom voice larger-than-life characters in SOE's online role-playing game, to find out how they unleash their inner heroes and villains. When comic enthusiasts are so invested in a character, how much pressure is there to get it right? After all, superfans are known for being vocal about both their likes and their dislikes. Luckily, Eisenberg understands just how seriously she needs to take her role.

"There is always pressure to 'get it right,' "she says. "As I've said many times, playing her has been the biggest privilege of my career, so I always want to do her justice (pun intended). But with Wonder Woman and Diana, that's the gift, too because there's a built-in fan base which cares enormously for what you're doing. And with social media, you're able to communicate with them directly, which is a fabulous bonus! When I first recorded [the role] for DCUO, I couldn't wait to share it with the fans because they've been with me since I started on Justice League in 2000."


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