Poll Postion: SuperGirl Fashion

File:6.5 Supergirls.png

This week I want to ask you which of the various Supergirl costumes that have appeared over the years do you like the best ? ( Images of the various costumes can be found after the jump )

First Appearance of SuperGirl
supergirl 1**********

First SuperGirl Redesign

Supergirl 2


Hot Pants SuperGirl

Supergirl 3**********

1980's SuperGirl

Supergirl 4


Matrix SuperGirl

Supergirl 5


Linda Danvers SuperGirl

Supergirl 6


Return of Kara SuperGirl

Supergirl 7


New 52 SuperGirl

Supergirl 8

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16 Responses to Poll Postion: SuperGirl Fashion

  1. Herr D says:

    Definitely return.

  2. ams says:

    When you have them all displayed one after another, definitely New 52. I just don’t like the knees being uncovered. Either boots below the knee or over the knee.

  3. FRM says:

    new 52. there are only two that are practical when it comes to viewing her flying. and i like the new 52’s collar.

  4. I am actually a fan of the first Supergirl re-design. That 1950s “plain Jane” just works.

    Not a fan of the “Hot Pants” costume because the shorts are all puffy. And those elf slippers… Unless Laura Prepon were to wear it.

    Matrix is too plain.

    Linda Danver’s is good. Loose the belt and expose the arms. However, the gloves are too Minnie Mouse. How does that hairband stay in place at MACH speed?

    The Return outfit is good. The extra frilly skirt and the fact that it’s blue try too hard to separate her from the others, though.

    Notice that 1980s belt incorporate that suggestive “V.” Didn’t we just go over sexism in comics? I like how the insignia is part of the cape.

    The exposed knees on the New 52 look… ummm… Yeah, super-kick to the groin if you’re thinking that.

    Linda Danvers for two reasons: boots!

  5. Calvary_Red says:

    i liked the New 52 design, until i took an arrow to the knee (couldn’t resist). Overall, the suit looks good and practical as well, but i just don’t get what’s going on with the knees. The simple look of the first redesign also looks good to me.

  6. Arioch says:

    If I had to go for one, it’d be the return one, but I actually prefer the one from the Smallville comics: http://www.ksitetv.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/smvls11_cv14.jpg

    Oh yes!!! These are great designs AND are actual female analog of male costume, not “let’s try to arouse prepubere nerds bu showing skin”.

    I mean, seriously, a skirt? When flying? Why would you want anyone to see your panties?

  7. Katmir says:

    Because I remember the scene in the Supergirl movie where the first thing someone did when she showed up in her costume was to try and peek under that miniskirt… I vote for the New 52 Supergirl costume design. Darkseid doesn’t want a sexy Kyptonian knee to the throat and neither do you.

  8. Keric says:

    I voted for the hot pants, because it looked like the “swimsuit” version in the photo above the poll~ which seams like the most reasonable outfit for a flyer (excepting JR’s choice of course!)

  9. Nick Hentschel says:

    The Matrix version is THE classic, conservative design: the least dated, the least slutty. (For that reason, though, I’m surprised that you named it the way you did.) I also like the first redesign, but the Matrix costume comes closest to what I’d consider “standard,” and about how I’d expect to see her.

  10. Nick Hentschel says:

    Arioch: Oh yes!!! These are great designs AND are actual female analog of male costume, not “let’s try to arouse prepubere nerds bu showing skin”.

    I mean, seriously, a skirt? When flying? Why would you want anyone to see your panties?

    On second look, I like these, too. These aren’t very flirty, sexualized costumes, but they’re certainly practical (at least, if it’s not summer), and probably closer to what I’d wear, in her shoes.

  11. Frankie says:

    Matrix, 90’s cartoon Supergirl and return of Kara Zor-El are my favorites.

  12. RobM says:

    I had to go with the hot pants (and how many times have I said that in my life?); it was the costume she wore when I started reading comics and it’s what I picture when someone says Supergirl. Least favorite – Linda Danvers Supergirl. Who wears gloves with an exposed midriff?

  13. RobM says:

    I take it back, 1980s Supergirl is the worst.

  14. Brons says:

    Either the original or the Matrix version for me. The classic I grew up with or the slight updating of it. Not at all fond of the bare midriff or hot pants versions. I’d sooner Supergirl classy than trying to be hip.

  15. NEON says:

    Voted for The Return Of Kara, The New 52 is a close second, the one from smallville comics is really cool too, but my personal favorite is this one (the one with white shoes):