FNF: The Finial!

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Well here we are folks, The Last and Final round of this edition of Friday Night Fights. This week we have just two contestants left and they will face off against each other for your votes in an "Open Themed" round. So without further delay let me introduce you to the entries for this weeks challenge!







The Hunger

The Hunger


You can vote for your Favorite entry once a day for the next week! Polls close Thursday May 9th at 12 noon EDT ( GMT -4).

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5 Responses to FNF: The Finial!

  1. Arioch says:

    Awesome drawings. I had a hard time choosing.

  2. Creator of the Hunger says:

    A creature of pure appetite, the Hunger roams the galaxy devouring all within the reach of its hundred tentacles, each of which has a dozen mouths.

  3. Creator of Guanlong says:

    Abandoned to the Chinese orphanage system by his horrified parents at birth, he was given the name Guanlong (Crowned Dragon) by the British diplomat who freed him. Thought to be more reptile than human, Guanlong soon proved a willing student and apprentice, shocking his benefactor with his genius level intelligence and raptor like speed, both of which have proved difficult to control.

  4. Creator of the Hunger says:

    Maybe I won the electoral vote.

  5. djuby says:

    Crazy close! Good job man.