Fantasy Friday #4 “Land of the Lost

Today's topic is the classic TV show "Land of the Lost. 1974 to 1977 it played on NBC. Man do I remember this show(and I'm not talking reruns), it was great when I was a kid. I watched it all over again about a year ago, and man have times change. They remade it in the 90's and I think I might of watched one or two shows. The movie was okay, but I didn't care for how they changed thins up. Let's hear what you have to say.

3 Responses to Fantasy Friday #4 “Land of the Lost

  1. barbario says:

    when i was little i was super scared of the trex at the end of the credits when it would attack the camera. i knew it was coming and it would send me running from the room. id even like get up and face the door. hahhaah.

  2. Nick Hentschel says:

    It was only rather recently that I realized how much this show (which I saw in reruns in the early 80’s, in 1st/2nd grade) affected my imagination. The show’s overall dino/sci-fi “vibe” and the overall look of its effects clearly stuck with me in subtle, but pervasive, ways. (The Zarn, for example, is very typical of some kinds of ideas I come up with.)

    I’ve also come to realize what a hip, innovative use of popular fantasy ideas this show was, for the time. The dinosaurs and post-civilized setting reflected “King Kong” and “Planet of the Apes” a little, the ape-people and black monoliths were straight out of “2001,” the Marshall family had a bit of the Swiss Family Robinson about them, and the show’s whole relationship to time echoed “Dr. Who.” And there were other influences, I’m sure. Yet the writers and producers gave the whole its own identity, greater than the sum of its parts.
    And that influence was clearly carried forward, as well: I suspect that the show’s reptilian villains, the Sleestak, were a major influence on D&D’s “lizard-men,” just a few years later!

  3. Herr D says:

    Despite the fx not looking right, this was my first love of live-action American t.v. shows. The more recent movie was just another reason to dislike Ferrell. I never saw the newer show version.
    The old one came out on Kroffts with the Bugaloos. The physics of LotL prepared me for trying to make a living the way most people run companies today.