Sidekicks #3 “Bucky”

Let's talk Bucky, Captain America's right hand man. I don't know much about him to tell you the truth. I do think that he got a raw deal in the latest movie, why would they want to make him older then the Cap? Let's hear what you have to say.


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  1. Anarchangel says:

    Bucky Barnes is a complicated character.

    In the original Captain America stories, he seemed like little more than the traditional teen sidekick and was pretty one dimensional. In later years though it was revealed that there was a lot more to him than that. I remember reading one story in which Cap said that while he was out on the front lines of battle, dressed in his red white and blue, he was really just a distraction which allowed Bucky to complete the real mission objective.

    And we’ve also learned that Bucky has a rather dark side to him. He’s willing to do the things Cap just isn’t. That alone made the character a whole lot more interesting to me.

    His death had more of an impact on Captain America than anything ever has and, who knows, without that event in Cap’s life, he may have turned out to be an entirely different character.

    (Plus there was the whole Winter Soldier angle but that was never really all that impressive in my opinion)

  2. Arioch says:

    That was interesting, thanks!

  3. barbario says:

    originally bucky was just a robin rip-off. and a lame one at that. his code-name was his own name… when stan brought back cap for the avengers in the 60’s he came up with the idea of bucky having died cuz he hated teen side-kicks. brubaker brought bucky back and came up with the whole winter soldier bit. i would have rather winter soldier stay a bad guy cuz hes kinda just a poor man’s wolverine. and it bugged me to no end that this new guy got to be captain america while steve was “dead”. just because cap asked tony stark to let him. hello nepotism? it should have clearly been hawkeye.

  4. darkvatican says:

    …it should have clearly been hawkeye.

    I agree wholeheartedly. Hawkeye is a near-perfect fit for a true Cap successor. From start to finish, Hawkeye’s training by Cap, his breadth and depth of experience, his necessary reliance on his skills/wits/training, his long years of service in the Avengers, and his close, personal friendship with Cap as a mentor. All these things make him a natural successor to Steve Rogers as Cap. Not to mention his unerring accuracy with all manner of thrown/launched projectiles! But I digress, since this thread is actually about Bucky.

    In my opinion, Brubaker, though much-lauded for his “serious” story-telling, was little more than a sham. The vast majority of his time leading Cap’s comic, one of the single best-received story arcs was playing out across the whole Marvel U. Immediately before and during that time, Brubaker was setting up Cap’s death up from the word “Winter Soldier,” which bugged me to no end. The relatively obvious ploy to kill Cap was a big show to give Brubaker the creative “right” to do what he wanted to do with the Cap comic. Basically, he wanted a darker and more “flawed” Cap. *shrug*

    The only thing I like from Brubaker’s Bucky more than the original was the idea that Bucky was trained by the US military in similar fashion as Cap. Ironically, this change actually makes Bucky a little bit more like Robin than his story depicted originally.

  5. TOOL says:

    I dont really know too much about Bucky as Buckey other than I know Cap did take his death hard. I kinda liked the whole Winter Soldier thing. I might of even liked Hawkeye as Captain America, at least it would of gotten him out of that horrible purple suit.