Kaldath’s Caption Contest #1: Nature Lover!

This is a bit of an experiment on my part in bringing the old Caption contest back to life. Depending on how this goes and how I feel about things at the end of this little experiment will determine weather I continue with it. I will say that I do not plan on this being a weekly contest and at best I will  only be doing it bi-weekly with the winners posted on the off weeks. So lets get started!

Caption 1


Here is what I need you to do. Write a funny caption for the above picture to fit into the yellow box. The caption can be anything you like that you believe fits with the image above so long as you keep it clean. Obscene captions will be delete and will disqualify an entrant completely from the contest. You have one week from today to post your captions in the comment section below at which time I will pick my favorite and declare a winner. Limited to 3 captions/entries per perrson.


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