Sci-Fi Sunday #3 “Stargate”

Here we go, let's talk Stargate. The movie was good back in it's day, but I watched it a few weeks back and I didn't feel the same for it. I loved SG-1, the cast was great. I didn't care much about the two movies after the show went off the air. I just could not get into the other shows, maybe someday I'll watch them again and like them better. Let's hear what you have to say.

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  1. Kaldath says:

    I am actually indifferent to the Original Stargate Movie. Richard Dean Anderson is a MUCH better Jack O’neil then Curt Russel could ever dream of being in my opinion. I Loved the SG-1 series. Stargate Atlantis was a good show but not as good as SG-1 but Stargate Universe has got to be one of the worse sci-fi tv shows in the history of television, at least that is how I view it!

  2. Anarchangel says:

    Stargate: The Movie – It was decent enough but lacked the charm and humour that made me love the show.

    Stargate: SG-1 – Oh where do I start. Possibly my favourite show ever. Gave the Sci-fi genre a well needed kick in the butt and somehow manages to be both emotional but funny as well. A lot of the time it’s both in the same episode. Richard Dean Anderson is brilliant as Jack O’Neill (two L’s). He’s grouchy but lovable and is, frankly, kind of a weirdo. And yes, RDA is way better than Kurt Russel.
    Michael Shanks initially seemed scary similar to James Spader but managed to make the character his own. He’s surprisingly believable as a geeky, awkward archaeologist.
    Amanda Tapping (despite her hilarious attempt at an English accent in Sanctuary) proved that she’s a great actress. Her portrayal as Sam Carter had highs and lows but she managed to pull it off the smart but tough chick thing pretty well.
    As for Chris Judge? In my opinion this man is a damn acting master. Teal’c is supposed to be the traditional stoic warrior yet Judge manages to inject quite a fair bit of humour into the character too.
    Plus there was the later addition of Ben Browder. Who may be the only actor in the universe who could replace Richard Dean Anderson without us fanboys throwing a fit.
    And of course there was Claudia Black. Maybe my favourite actress. The pigtails were a misfire though.
    AND there was Beau Bridges AND Lexa Doig, another great (and underrated) sci-fi actress.
    All in all this show was great except for near the end where it kind of lost something in my opinion. Other than Jack that is. I didn’t enjoy the Ori angle. It just didn’t feel like stargate to me.

    The Movies – They had good and bad points but were both pretty passable. It was good to finally get an end to the overall story that the TV shoe hadn’t wrapped up though.

    Stargate: Atlantis – A decent show but kind of lacked the same chemistry between the characters that made the original so fun. Rodney McKay saved this show in my opinion.

    Stargate: Universe – It was an interesting idea, I’ll give it that. It had an interesting plot and some pretty good actors. I think the reason it failed was that it was such a radical departure from the usual Stargate formula. A lot of people just weren’t sure what to make of it. The network executives included. I would have liked to see it continue, if only to find out where the hell it was going.
    Plus, it was good to see another Scot in a leading role.

    Anyway, this has been my fanboy rant. If you’re still reading this, you sure are a brave soul. 🙂

  3. Anarchangel says:

    p.s. I have no idea what a “TV shoe” is.

  4. Eventually, I will get around to the Stargate television series. I enjoyed the movie for what it was. Though it seemed too deliberately stripped down and low-budget. It wanted to be the next Star Wars: Episode IV or even a Pitch Black. Start small to introduce the saga. Except Stargate was just shy of the profit margin to warrant a sequel.

  5. Arioch says:

    Yeah, great show, despite some failings, and the characters and actors were pretty great.

    It also managed both to reintroduce sf trappings and do some sf to the tv, which was great.

  6. darkvatican says:

    The original film was enjoyable to watch, especially as a kid. Like a lot of mid-budget sci-fi films, the movie hasn’t aged well.

    The SG-1 series was obviously lower budget than even the film, but the writing was a little more inventive (for the most part) and the actors had a little more chemistry.

    I haven’t watched SG-A yet, but I imagine the descriptions of it as being “good but not great” will be about right. I have to say that I really enjoyed SGU, though. Its departure from the original formula was daring and a good way to break into a different target audience, but it was too slow to draw people in. That last bit is unfortunate, as far as I’m concerned, because it was definitely enjoyable to watch.

  7. Herr D says:

    SG1 has to be the only recent example of a show that surprised me. I fully expected it to be cancelled after each episode. It was too good to be on t.v. Then I had the distinct feeling it went on past the writers’ abilities to maintain it.

  8. Malfar says:

    I liked the original movie and the SG-1 show. Atlantis was good, but I didn’t like it so much, and I definitely didn’t like this third show.