Comic Book Superstars #3 “Wonder Woman”

Wonder Woman, what can I say, she is a great character. Live action show, cartoons, and comic books, she is great in all of them. I have liked almost every costume she has had. One thing I want to know is when did she start flying on her own with out her jet? I have been watching the Justice League cartoons and she can fly. I do wish they would of made her more knowing of the world off of Paradise Island. Let's hear what you have to say.

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  1. TOOL says:

    I seen a cartoon of The Justice League the other day on Netflix with my son and Wonder Woman was in a fight against some aliens. She was trying to get some guy I think called The Atom, or Atom close enough to the mother ship to get inside and shut it down. He can grow big or get real small. Well long story short she had him in her hand and told him she needed both hands to fight so she put him down between her breasts and he held onto the point of the golden “W”. I was kinda shocked and trying not to laugh. He didnt say anything and neither did any of the other guys around that were fighting near by. I would of had to say something.

  2. Prof. Abercrombie Q. Anthrax says:

    That’s some major getting-it-under-the-radar work there!

  3. WillyPete says:

    BAck when George Perez re-invented Wonder Woman, right after Crisis, she couldn’t fly at all… but then Hermes gave her his sandals, and she could not only fly, but transit the dimensional barrier between Themyscria and Man’s World. They’ve done all kinds of reboots since then, so I can’t tell you anything about the current one (though I gather she’s not Diana Prince anymore…)

  4. Makes (comic book) sense that a Greek god would bestow upon WW the gift of flight. I think one reason for the invisible jet was to give her a unique angle. Also, to demonstrate that she is rather intelligent and skilled. Back then, there weren’t a lot of women pilots.

    What still baffles me is that one of her greatest enemies is Cheetah. The Cheetah that I remember was a normal woman with razor claws. Nothing super-powered just martial arts and athleticism. Wonder Woman is an amazon who can lift tanks! How the heck Cheetah was able to stand toe-to-toe is rather lazy writing.

    She is the balance between Superman and Batman. She can be insightful, patient, and sympathetic. She will also kick butt at the drop of hat. It takes a determined and thoughtful writer to put together a good WW story. When he or she does, they are some of the best.

  5. NateThePrate says:

    Yeah, I never understood Cheetah either.

    Again, I don’t think she uses the Jet much anymore, though if she did, it’d be more for a stealth approach or if she needed to transport people or extra firepower.

    She’s not one of my favourite characters, I’ll admit, but she is fantastic and you really shouldn’t have a JLA lineup without her.

    Some stories I recommend include Michael J. Straczynski’s run starting from #600. and Wonder Woman: A League of One, where she pulls a Batman….

  6. barbario says:

    the creator of wonder woman also invented the systolic blood pressure test which is used in lie detectors.(lasso of truth). he was also waaay into bondage. he and his wifes live-in lover wore silver bracelets. that also explains why in the original comics she would lose her powers if bound by a man. wow!

  7. Hammerknight says:

    @Tool, I was watching that one on Netflix the other night too, my wife came in the room about the time Wonder Woman put the Atom between her breast, my wife started laughing and made a couple of comments.
    @ Willy and Atomic, thanks for the update about how she started flying. I have not read but one or two comics in the last 14 years. I did find two comic novels(I think that is what they are called) at a yard sale the other day. One of them is about the Flash, Barry Allen, and the other is about Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Got them for $1.00 each, not bad.

  8. Renxin says:

    Wonder Woman is first and foremost among the superheroins as far as I’m concerned, and I agree with NateThePrate that no JLA is complete without her.

    The only qualm I really have about her is her costume. Even if you’ve never seen her before, you can tell that WW’s outfit was designed by a guy. As a gal it rankles me that a heroin’s outfit will more often than not be primarily there to show off bosoms which are, again more often than not, much larger than proportional.

    That being said, WW’s outfit isn’t all that bad really. If anyone could make patriotism and kickin’ some Axis sexy, it was Diana. At least the vital organs get covered, and the overall design is great. (But seriously, how does she keep that costume on?)

  9. NateThePrate says:

    Censorship. That’s how 😉

    Again, if you’ve seen Michael J. Straczynski’s run, her costume is a lot more tasteful. I actually prefer it…