What do you think, are they kin? #1 “Bumblebee and Wasp”

What do you think, are they kin? DC's Bumblebee and Marvel's Warp are the topics for today's afternoon post. I was trying to look up some information for another blog post and it got turn around and I ended up doing this. This is how it works, I will pick two or more characters from the DC and Marvel(because I know these best) that look like they may be kin. I'll post the characters and it is up to you to talk about them. Let us know if they were put in the same universe could they be related to each other. Being the first post for this, I am not putting out much information on the characters. If everyone likes it I will try to put more information for each character later down the road. Have fun and let's hear what you have to say.

9 Responses to What do you think, are they kin? #1 “Bumblebee and Wasp”

  1. Worf says:

    For starters, you could provide a wiki link or something about each for the people that are not that familiar with one of the characters (or both). Such as:



    That being said, I think there would, at least, be some jealousy, specially from Janet, about Bumblebee stealing her “thunder”. They ARE sisters in the sense that they both get their “powers” from tech. They even could be written as such, with Janet’s younger sister saying: “Hey sis, found an old suit of yours and decided to be a hero too”.

    That’s just my take on it though…..

  2. Hammerknight says:

    Thanks for the links Worf. I was trying to get this posted before I headed to the garden, so like I said if people like this I will post more info about the characters. And it does sound like something a younger sister would say.

  3. William A. Peterson says:

    Well, they’re NOT biologically related… Janet van Dyne/Pym is, well, a W.A.S.P., and Bumblebee and her brother are both African-American…

  4. TOOL says:

    I think that both characters are pretty lame all around. The only thing cool I would say about Wasp is that she has had hand to hand training from the master Captain America. I think it takes cool points away though if you have to try to boost your hero resume by saying one of your super powers is great fashion sense, especially when you look like a dweeb.

  5. Skybandit says:

    As incestuous as comics are, you certainly won’t run out of comparisons in this century! The Challengers of the Unknown were copied to create the Fantastic Four, and then DC copied them to make the Doom Patrol, and then it went back to Marvel to copy THAT for the X-Men. Spider-Man is just Batman & Robin after a transporter accident, the original Thor was Captain Marvel without Shazam, and the Hulk was merely a green Solomon Grundy with the Amazing Colossal Man’s origin story grafted on. For that matter, Stan Lee is a lot like Gene Roddenberry, since both of them got rich by taking the credit for other people’s creativity.

  6. NateThePrate says:

    On that note:

    Interesting. General Sam Lane was a character introduced to Superman Comics in 1959. Not only was he a respected, American military leader, his daughter also happened to be the love interest of an extremely powerful meta-human. A titular meta-human who is constantly hunted by said father, supposedly in the interests of the American public and his daughter.

    In 1962, Marvel introduced General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross to the Hulk universe. A respected American military leader and… well you get the idea…


    Yeah, probably 😛

    As for Wasp and Bee, I’d probably lean towards Bee, purely out of my DC bias and apparently she’s DC’s first African-American super heroine. Yay progress.

    Plust Janet and Hank always annoyed me, I just did not care for them at all. Marvel doesn’t seem to be that great at handling romantic pairings, but then again, probably my bias.

    Also, the most recent Avengers cartoon makes her look like jailbait…

  7. Calvary_Red says:

    A lot of this talk reminds me of Deadpool — he’s a parody of DC’s Deathstroke, who is in turn a copy of Marvel’s Taskmaster. Kinda like Marvel’s jab to the whole cycle of copies.

    i think it’s be safe to say Bumble Bee was part of that cycle. Though i’d have to guess Ant-Man and Wasp borrowed from The Atom.

    To be fair it’s been a long time since anyone was truly original. Even Homer and Shakespeare just retold stories that had been around a long time before they “wrote” them.

    And there’s only so many superpowers/themes to go around.

  8. Lawrence Wilson says:

    It would make for an interesting crossover. Wasp the character was around longer, but a crossover premise could be that Hank Pym actually “borrowed” his ideas to create the tech to make Wasp’s suit from Bumblee, who is a scientist in her civilian life. With all the retconning going on it could no problem to rewrite Bumblebee as having the tech years before Wasp, but never using it for heroics.

  9. TOOL says:

    I think there are most likely several simularities if different characters from different industries over time because there are certain looks, or types of characters that are just reused or remade into a new character. Some ideas just keep going where sometimes its hard to come up with a fresh character after so many different type have already been made. I feel the same pressure sometimes in my work here.