More Hall of Fame nominees

I'd like to add some more illustrations into the Hall of Fame, so I invite all of you to submit one nominee in the comments. But the trick is, you can't nominate yourself! Just add a link to the person's best illustration and why you think it's awesome. After it seems like the nominations are done I'll go through and pick out my favorites and add them into the Hall.

Thanks in advance for your expert opinion!

16 Responses to More Hall of Fame nominees

  1. Bad link… whatever happened to being able to edit posts on the blog? Jeff, if you can fix that? Please and thank you.

    Anyway, Iscarioto’s Blood Money

  2. Alexander of Limbo says:

    I’ve gotta nominate this hideous beauty by AMS:

    I mean come on… just look at how awesome that face is

  3. Herr D says:

    deceptively simple looking. balanced. ‘hidden diligence’ properly symbolic, and an attn-getting color scheme.

  4. Asder says:

    He has so much to Hall of fame material, but I have to go with headlessgeneral “Sotul”, i think is just a fantastic character, and original design and great coloring.

  5. JR19759 says:

    As AP has suggested two, I’d like to also put forward a Harlequin creation

    (There should really be a Harlequin section of the HOF, the stuff he’s been coming up with recently is staggering. I’ve run out of superlatives commenting on his thread.)

  6. Scatman says:

    Robot Fish 3 for doin’ things noone has done with HM3,and for dinkin’ outside da box!

  7. Scatman says:

    here’s another from djuby worth fame1
    Steam Reaper
    For it’s awesome use of items and the great colors!

  8. TOOL says:

    I know I can’t nominate myself but it would be cool to make it to the Hall of fame as well as PUP. Check out my stuff in the power users and if you see something cool give me a vote!

  9. headlessgeneral says:

    If you are still looking for more nominations(and I haven’t reached my limit of them), I’d like to ad Delirious Al’s “Pappy” to the list