Character Contest #H13 “Old School #2 The Brick Yard”

This week's contest is to design a Super Hero that is a "Brick", the big guy, a tank, a power house. They go by many names but one thing they all have are big a** muscles. So build them big and build them strong. No limit, so have fun.

Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG's or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line with "no" warnings.






50 Responses to Character Contest #H13 “Old School #2 The Brick Yard”

  1. the zesty one says:

    Meet Bif Destructo, he’s an old school pro wrestler type whose known to leave his opponents red, white, and screwed.

  2. Delirious AL says:

    One hand is equipped with brass knuckles; the other hand IS brass knuckles! 😮

  3. the zesty one says:

    sorry, i didn’t name the file correctly last time, repost

  4. NateThePrate says:


    Working for an inter-dimensional organization known as “The Coalition”, Tane serves a thousand-year penance for past crimes against humanity. With his partner Agent Nimos, he is catapulted back and forth through time to maintain the balance of good and evil.

    In addition to his great size, strength and invulnerability, Agent Tane is a level 4 Terrakinetic

  5. NateThePrate says:

    (I’m trying a DeviantArt account now.)

    The greatly feared and best avoided Berserker of Byzantus Arena and 12 time winning champion, this gargantuan gladiator is known by many titles: “One-Who-Will-Smash-Your-Face-In-With-Your-Own-Spleen”, “Gore-Wave-Spleen-Ripper”, “Unspeakably-Violent-Monstrosity-Of-Indeterminate-Age-Without-Mercy-Or-Remorse-Who-Will-Annihilate_Your-Spleen.”

    But if you wish to live, you may only directly address him with the name that has caused many a proud warrior to cry like a newly-crowned Miss Universe…”Grahame.”

    What he lacks in brains and depth perception, he makes up for with immense strength, unbreakable skin and an insatiable blood-lust. Even with 50 tonnes of Tungsten Alloy weighing him down, he is unbeatable in the arena. The only reason that the Byzantus Gladiatorial Committee has never banned him is out of fear of what he might do to their spleens.

    And no, he’s NOT Scottish, he just likes the colour and texture of kilts….

  6. Worf says:

    NateThePrate: (I’m trying a DeviantArt account now.)

    With DevianArt you should right-click on the link that says “Download image” and copy that. Doing that the link I get for you is:

    See how that ends in jpg as in a direct link to the picture?


  7. tolkienhiste says:

    White Tiger.
    Vassili Petrov was a Russian peasant living in the steppes of Siberia.
    After the explosion of a nuclear complex, Vassili mutates.
    Acquiring meaning big cat, he obtained the destructive force of the Tiger.

  8. Scatman says:

    Correction in link
    Hiroshi-martial arts powerhouse

    Captain Ronan Cooper a force to be reckoned with!

  9. Scatman says:

    Bad a$$ Annunaki Albino Giant
    The mighty ZARON…

  10. tolkienhiste says:

    my second entry: Black Gorilla
    He is superhero gorilla who breaking skulls with strong arms

  11. Phatchick says:

    Strype, a genetically enhanced human/feline hybrid with superhuman strength, speed and agility.

  12. Vectorman316 says:

    The Oni

    Ancient Demon from a faraway land, possessing inhuman strength and a vicious mean streak

  13. Herr D says:

    Rick said he went to cut down that old tree with a chainsaw he got secondhand on Mojner Avenue downtown. (I know, there isn’t a Mojner Avenue–he must have been drunk.) Anyway, he got half through the trunk, and two eyes began to glow. The limbs rearranged themselves, and the two biggest reached down and pushed till the whole thing broke free. It did a handstand, rolled to it’s, well, feet, and started down Main Street. It stopped at the salvage yard and tore off part of an old truck at a woman’s urging to cover itself. Officer Coy led it to the National Forest. It said it’s name is Oaker.

  14. Calvary_Red says:

    This design is about as classic as it can be without putting his undies on the outside.

  15. Legatus says:

    This is a character from my Bouncers Inc. “storyline”. I think she came out pretty well, so I decided to post her for the contest.

  16. the zesty one says:

    Born in the wake of a genetic experiment gone horrifically awry, Picasso’s unstable molecular structure grants him immense size and strength, as well a disturbingly horrific appearance.

  17. ams says:

    Here’s my entry named simply “BRICK”. I see him as either a bouncer at some superhero bar or an enforcer for the mob. Cheers!

  18. NateThePrate says:

    Something tells me you’ve been looking forward to this one SkyBandit 😛

  19. Sometimes “The Brick” gets into a situation that he can’t handle:

    The Maître D’

  20. NHA247 says:

    I saw this in my old creations and realized his name was Brick.

    Here is my first entry 🙂

  21. NHA247 says:

    This is a hero I made for my Heroes of the World.

    The Luchador, hero of Mexico!

  22. NHA247 says:

    Here is another character I made for my heroes of the world.

    This is Stephen from Canada, his ability is that he can create a brick golem with his mind and fight along next to him.

  23. NHA247 says:

    Oops! Wrong link!

    Here is another character I made for my heroes of the world.

    This is Stephen from Canada, his ability is that he can create a brick golem with his mind and fight along next to him.

  24. Calvary_Red says:

    Despite her small size, Red Raider was granted great strength by the Hammer of Hephaestus.

    i’m quite pleased with how her face turned out. Thanks to Harlequin for posting some tutorials. ^_^

  25. Hammerknight says:

    Contest Closed.