Character Contest #H12 “Old School #1 Country Pride” Winner

Man, you all made it hard for me this week. I am going to say that this was the hardest contest so far to judge. I looked over the characters several times, and it didn't get any easier. Here is the top five.

tolienhiste Roosterman


tolkienhiste, Roosterman is just a great design.





Scatman, LORD LIBERTY Great pose and wonderful color scheme.





Kellkin The Patriot

Kellkin, The Patriot, Great design.





Keith Kanin Stars and Stripes

Keith Kanin, Star and Stripe is a great duo.





Calvary Red Patriot Eagle

Calvary_Red, The Patriot Eagle, the shirt is great.





And the winner is;

Kellkin The Patriot


Great job Kellkin. This is one character that I could see in a comic book.








I would like to say again that all the entries were great.