Quick and Easy Challenge #9 “Hands Down”

For today's challenge you need to give your characters a "Hand". Besides the basic body parts, head/face, and hair(the human parts of a character) you can only use items from the Left or Right Hand sections. That's right you must make the costume out of hands and only hands. Using anything else will take you out of the running. Keep it clean and have fun. One character per person.


12 Responses to Quick and Easy Challenge #9 “Hands Down”

  1. Keric says:

    Wow my piece either in Open Critique Day #H13 inspired you, or I got way psychic, which is, either way, cool!

  2. djuby says:

    Tried to see what you mean, but photobucket will not dusplay on my home computer. Always times out before images load. You have me very curious though. Actually the idea came from a Pop Quiz entry I did in the summer – a prehistoric bird called a Krail. Victoria I imagine rides one into battle.

  3. Leah says:

    I’m not entirely sure how to share my character, so I just posted a link to where it is on my FB page. Hope this works.

  4. Herr D says:

    She came to the city to model her newest fashion, but all anyone did was scream and run?


  5. Scatman says:

    after attempt after attempt I realized that masking was too easy and just using hands was the hardest thing I ever tried.I created a few pretty cool ones then my OCD kicked in and told me noway!sorry I wash my hands of this one…pun intended!