Share Day #H6

Time to share. What is your favorite Super Hero/Villain costume ever? Tell us what you like the most about it. Tell us why you believe it is the best.

I would have to say that the old blue and gray Batman costume with the black on yellow symbol would be mine. The yellow belt was alright too, but I must say that I do like the military style of belt better,  because it is more realistic then the little tubes. I just don't think you could fit everything in those tubes, even if the stuff is designed to be compact. In the military, as a carpenter, and as a prison guard, I had to try to fit everything I needed into belts and it is not all that easy. The blue and gray costume said more about Batman to me, it did not give him the darker soul that the black one does. Yes he wants to scare the bad guys, but he also need to let the people he is helping know that he is there to help them and not hurt them. I believe that in the movie "Year One" some of that is covered. I also think he had a tighter grip on his life in the blue and gray costume. The black one takes away that grip and doesn't let him touch base with reality.

So let's hear what you have to say.

15 Responses to Share Day #H6

  1. TOOL says:

    I don’t really know what to say hmmm…I would say for a hero maybe Iron Man and a bad guy Dr. Doom. Both suits are very high tech and useful. Not too much they can’t do and not too many people who can stand long against them. Tony looks cool in his though. Dr. Dooms mask is cool, thats about it

  2. Joe says:

    I think my favorite hero costume is probably Superman’s. It’s everything that a superhero costume should be. Bold, daring, iconic, and it tatters well. It’s so ingrained in our consciousness that even a slight alteration seems glaringly obvious, because everybody knows how Superman’s costume is supposed to look. An added seam here or there (which would not be terribly amiss on Batman or Captain America) is virtual blasphemy on Superman.

    My favorite villain costume…that’s a tough one. I think that Lex Luthor in a suit (not a suit of armor) is very intimidating. I think he does more with a tasteful bespoke suit than a lot of villains could ever do with all the armored spandex in the world. If we’re going for actual costumed villains, though, I think that Venom has my favorite costume. Even if you take away the backstory of how he came to be, he’s still a monster (in the very best way).

  3. Andrea Young says:

    If I looked good in spandex, I would say Firestar or another one of the X-Men.

  4. us.steele says:

    I would have to agree with the earlier statement on Superman be the best superhero costume. Since his head and face are not covered he has freedom to turn his head and see clearly unlike with a cowl or mask (not that it would really make a difference to him). Also because he doesn’t wear a mask people assume he’s not hiding anything like a secret identity.
    I’m trying to think of the best superHEROINE costume and am really having a hard time. Since most female comic characters are drawn with huge racks and their suits are designed to be sexy, most are inherently impractical. They would either slip out of their bustiers when they raised their arms or jumped real hard, or they would trip on their high heels and break their ankles. Probably the best would be someone like She-hulk or Power girl. They have plenty of room to run and kick, and the suit covers enough of their chest to offer support.

  5. Ghenmor says:

    One of the first comics I read as a kid was Aquaman. It was shortly after Black Manta had killed Aquaman’s son, so I became hooked (ar, ar) on the character pretty quickly, but I never liked the orange and green outfit. A few years later, though…there was a miniseries that came out with a different costume for Aquaman, and it’s one that I wish they’d return to. Here’s a picture of it:

    I have a second runner up from a small comic company. Oktomica comics had a short run of a series in the late 90s, called ‘Virtex’. The main character, whom the series was named after, had this interesting cyborg/cowboy look to him that I quite liked.

    And as for a villain, it’s really hard to go wrong with Dr. Doom. No need for much discussion there.

  6. Phatchick says:

    Best hero- Hal Jordan/ John Stewart Green Lantern. Simple effective colors and design.
    Best heroine- Storm. I love the way the outfit flows, very elegant and graceful and strong.
    Best Villain- The Shredder. Totally lethal and scary, especially back in the Mirage days.
    Best Villainess- Poison Ivy. Her look is a perfect combo of lethal and lovely.

  7. Myro says:

    On pure aesthetics, I’m going with Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern costume. Just great use of color and lines. And the GL logo is classic.

  8. Looks like Hal Jordan is winning this one. That is one of my favorites for the same reasons. The costume has a great color-scheme and elegant contours. Especially when alongside the other members of the Justice League. He stands out.

    For favorite superhero villain costume… I’ll have to mull that one over. All frazzled…

  9. My Name's Not Dave says:

    I think the original Spiderman costume, with the red on black instead of blue and the underarm webs, is the best example of portraying character through costume. Seeing that costume alone without knowing the backstory of the character,almost unilaterally leads to thinking “SPIDERMAN”

  10. Arioch says:

    Oh, yes, storm rules!

  11. Keric says:

    Ok, I am a bit oddish on this one, I like it when they alter a “standard or classic” costume,
    SO ‘What is your favorite Super Hero/Villain costume ever?’ I don’t
    Really have one.
    What is your favorite Super Heroine costume ever?
    Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. barbario says:

    not to mention how influential GL’s costume is. how many characters have those same shoulder lines?

    i really really like wolverine’s “logan” mode. the sideburns and the weird hair. leather jacket and boots. i like too when he has a bit of military bent ala Days of Future Past.

    hellboy has one of the most iconic looks.

    superman of course

    oh did anyone ever see the rejected alex ross xmen designs that marvel passed over for frank quitelys rave-biker costumes?

    supervillians? red skull

    super ladies? rogue is pretty unique. scarlet witch i always liked. storms original look.

  13. Scatman says:

    Green Lantern’s textured suit is just awesome.It has that muscle fiber look that really grabs me,and the fact that it is almost like a second skin is just cool!Color?The awesomest green they could find,not my favorite color…but my favorite colored suit!

  14. My most favorite costume ever is from the X Men. I’m sorry but Wolverine’s get up is just great. <3 eyecandy!!

  15. djuby says:

    Though there have been many incarnations, I have always thought the Joker was the perfect blend of character and visual, all the way from his first comic book appearance to the chilling image of Heath Ledger’s version.