Character Contest #H08 “Atlantis Revealed” Winner

There were a lot of great entries this week. Seeing what other people think about a subject like Atlantis is very cool. Everyone looks through a different window in life, it is hard to picture what others see, until you you are able to see the picture they have in their minds. And I believe that HM allows us to do just that. I narrowed it down to the top six this week. Here they are in no particular order.

Atlantian_zps4ee71201 Kellkin

Kellkin- Is becoming one of the fast rising stars here in HM. This is a wonderful design. Great colors for the character, they make her standout. Very nicely designed background.




Jr19759-This is a very strong character. A very well put together design.




Djuby- What can I say, your character made me hungry for some crab legs. lol  Great job with the legs and the transition from the legs to the body.




Headlessgeneral- Characters like this make me wonder about the designs you could come up with if you had a head. Great work. He looks like he is ready to take on anything that would come his way.




Scatman- Wow, she is great, one of the better tail designs I've seen on HM.




Scatman- You are making a habit of having more than one of your characters hit the top list. Great colors and design.



The winner for this week is Scatman. Great work.












I would like to thank my wife for helping me judge these contest. Everyone's characters were great. I would love to have the time to set down and do a write up on each character, but at this time I do not have the time. Just because your character was not included in the top list doesn't mean that I did not like it.