HM3: Belts fitted to the Female body

I've just updated the main HeroMachine 3 application with support for a new set of items, "BeltStandardFemale". It is a duplicate of the "BeltStandard" set, but with all of the items redrawn and/or repositioned to fit the Standard female body (the first one in Body-Female-Standard). The hip lines are different and the overall position of the belts lower than on the male, so now you don't have to move and size them manually (and still have weird angles that you have to mask to the body to get rid of).

Still to come in the great male-female conversion are all of the facial features, Neckwear, and Pants. And all of the alternate bodies. Ugh.

If you don't see the new set appear on the drop down list, clear your browser's cache (and only the cache, not cookies or other saved data!) and reload the page. If you see it on the list but it won't load, do the same thing.