Poll Position: X-Wing vs. Viper

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That's right X-Wing vs. Viper. When I was a kid, I would of did anything to be able to fly one of them.


T-65AC1 X-wing starfighter Specifications
Manufacturer     Incom Corporation
Model     T-65AC1 X-wing Space Superiority Fighter
Class     Starfighter
Length     12.5 meters
Mass     Unknown
Max Acceleration     3700 G
Max Speed     1050 km/h
Hyperdrive     Class 1
Crew     Pilot (1), Astromech (1)
Passengers     None
4 laser cannons
10 proton torpedoes


SCALE:     Starfighter
TYPE:     Interceptor
LENGTH:     8.85 meters
TONNAGE:     12,824 kg
Space: 73.5 m/s^2 (110.25 m/s^2 at turbo, -55.125 breaking)
Atmosphere - 1,851 kph (3,331 kph at turbo, -1589 kph breaking)

POWER:     1 Tylium reactor (144.3*10^12 joule)
2 high-energy fusion reactors (58.4*10^12 joule)
STANDARD CREW:     1 pilots
CARGO CAPACITY:     45 kilograms - 2 cubic meters
CONSUMABLE:     13 days
HULL/ARMOR:     4.2 centimeter re-enforced armored hull
WEAPONS:     Two 30mm Laser-Torpedo guns (standard)
4 two-hundred kiloton Solonite missiles (optional)
2 thirty megaton Solonite bombs (optional)

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13 Responses to Poll Position: X-Wing vs. Viper

  1. This is one of those “classic” versus “expanded universe” debates. Since I’m not up on the SWEU or the new BSG, I’m going with the first generation fighters. While the Viper seems more maneuverable, the X-Wing has the benefit of a sentient computer as a co-pilot and in-flight mechanic. In a planet’s atmosphere, I would go with the Viper. It is an aerospace fighter. Since the initial engagement would most likely occur in open space, X-wing wins.

  2. Hammerknight says:

    I should of said that it was the original ones. The old ones are still the best.

  3. Professor Anthrax says:

    X-Wing. No contest.

  4. WillyPete says:

    Agreed. The Viper has a pretty good on-board Computer, so having an R2 unit in the back may not be that big an advantage… On the other hand, the X-Wing has Force shields, and the Viper doesn’t! That, and four cannon versus two, and the Viper pilot is in trouble. As to in-atmosphere maneuver The X-Wing does quite a bit of that, and has variable geometry wings, as well. Add in the fact that the X-Wing has a built in hyperdrive, and doesn’t need to make it back to the host carrier in order to leave the system… It’s REALLY amazing how much Engineering they managed to pack into the same size hull as a simple landspeeder! {Yes, the X-Wing also wins the ‘pure BS’ phase of the contest, too!}

  5. Keric says:

    I’d be happy with either- draw!

  6. Myro says:

    I’m going with the X-Wing. Why? Because while I enjoyed the original BSG, I’m still a Star Wars guy.

  7. Sean From Edwards says:


    Better armament, second set of “eyes” with the R2 unit, better acceleration, better defenses, FTL drive, marginally better visibility.

  8. WillyPete says:

    Oh, and Hammerknight? Don’t kid yourself, or any of the rest of us… You’d STILL do just about anything to fly either one of these! 😉

  9. Hammerknight says:

    Oh, and Hammerknight? Don’t kid yourself, or any of the rest of us… You’d STILL do just about anything to fly either one of these!

    Hick yeah!!! If we ever get grand kids I’m going to build them scale models so they can play in them. (Please don’t tell my wife) I hope that I can do it, if not I can at least draw the plans for it.

  10. Myro says:

    Hammerknight: Hick yeah!!! If we ever get grand kids I’m going to build them scale models so they can play in them. (Please don’t tell my wife) I hope that I can do it, if not I can at least draw the plans for it.

    Yeah, okay. Because it’s not like Isia would ever come to this site and stumble across this post. 😀 LOL!

  11. Nick Hentschel says:

    I’d rather have the Viper for a bombing run, with that impressive arsenal of bombs! But I do have to say that the X-wing has to take it in a dogfight.

    Better though, is this: let the Vipers do the trench run, while the X-wings cover them against the turbolasers and TIE fighters! 😉

  12. Bael says:

    I think that the Viper isn’t getting a fair shake here. Look at the numbers posted. The X wing has a max speed of 1050 kph. The viper almost doubles that in atmosphere. And more guns don’t really help unless they have independent targeting. Sure, the X wing has hyperdrive, but that isn’t really useful in a dogfight. So they can skip out of the system… If they get time to plot a jump. Then when they come back, they are coming in blind. The viper loses in acceleration, but the limited top speed cuts into that advantage.

  13. knight1192a says:

    Actually, I’m not certain that is the X-Wing’s max speed, and that’s in atmosphere. I’ve always read that as the X-Wing’s cruising speed and the max speed is four times as fast. Which would mean the X-Wing maxes out at 4,200 kmh. But the X-Wing has a lot of features the Viper doesn’t. Like inertial dampeners so the pilot doesn’t have to suffer Gs. Though smart pilots dial that down so they feel a few Gs rather than loosing orentation. Not enough to black out, but enough to know when something is wrong. Even in the original series I seem to recall Viper pilots grimacing from high G manuevers, something that really doesn’t make much sense in space for either fighter.

    And the X-Wing is never out of ammo, though it may end up being out of proton torps. The lasers are powered by the fighter’s powerplant, they can keep firing long after the last proton torpedo is fired. Though I don’t know where this 10 proton torpedo comes from. Everything I’ve ever seen only gives it 6. Lasers can be fired in single, dual, or quad mode depending on how much punch you want and how fast you want to recycle the system. Single mode gives the fastest recycle rate, uses the least energy so your energy replinishes faster, but has the weakest punch while quad mode chews up your energy, recycles the slowest, but packs the biggest punch. Single and dual fire modes are really great for dogfighting while quad is great for taking down heavily armored fighters, small transports, and attacking cap ships. The proton torps can be fired in single or dual mode depending on how much punch you want to deliver. All six can be launched in quick succession .

    In addition to armor the X-Wing is shielded so it can take even more punishment. Now I know the new series doesn’t have the Viper shielded, but I can’t remember if Apollo or Starbuck made any kind of mention on that in the original series. Something has me wanting to say they might have, maybe around “The Living Legend” or “Gun on Ice Planet Zero.” Will have to check Hulu and see if they have the classic series. Be my luck what I’m remembering comes from “Galactica 1980” and there you’re looking at new model Vipers (and personally an inferior sequel to the original series).

    Both have a fuel question, but with the ability to travel at hyperspeed the X-wing has longer legs than the Viper. So it could dogfight for a lot longer before it would have to break to refuel.

    And of course the R2 unit which acts as a second set of eyes and as an onboard mechanic. Obviously major damage to the X-Wing can’t be repair in flight, but that little astromech can handle minor damage that could make all the difference in a dogfight.

    I still love watching Battlestar Galactica and seeing Vipers in action, either the original series or the new series. But the X-wing is the fighter I’d rather get my hands on the stick of. The Viper would be better trying to take on the Y-Wing, though that’s able to absorb a lot of punishment and would probably still take out the Viper before it got taken out.