Winner of Pop Quiz #3

From Herr D

Let’s start off with Keric. Good depiction. Love the facial expression. Two things dragged you below the others–A literal interpretation of a song, even one as offbeat as one of the Rocky Horror songs, is less original than the other entries. The other? Just in general, pictorial representation of music is HARD.

Next, The Atomic Punk. Well done. Let this be a lesson to all those going into the ‘escort’ business. Look at the horrific clientele that poor young thing would get saddled with! I do have a question. What was that gray oval over the hooker‘s head?

Sorry for my absence earlier. This is a duplicate of what I will post to the blog.

Keith? You had THE most original idea in the contest. You did the undersea scene very well. It broke my heart to have you tie for second. Strategy dragged you down. Too many difficult things to build in one picture. It occurs to me that the whole picture from another angle would‘ve been a lot easier — that that would’ve won. Impressive use of items–clearly the skill is there.

Scatman, you tied for second. Without even a background. Partly because it was remarkably realistic, in situation, pose, placement, and facial expression. Partly because your depiction of a muscular female is the best I’ve seen yet. In short, your technique was a crack shot.

Oh, my. Skybandit. I don’t even find flatulence funny. But good grief. NO ONE HAS EVER COVERED THIS ANGLE BEFORE? And you blanketed it. Realistic facial expressions. Fairly good blush. You even had the cape pop out. –okay, that part was funny to me too. Original, funny, and a great depiction of dramatic irony! Skybandit wins.



Our friend djudy will be taking a break from the Pop Quizzes. I will start posting them this weekend. I am setting up a thread in the forums if you would like to make any suggestion. Or you can e-mail me at; . My wife and I have been having fun judging the other contest and challenges. At this point I have not made any plans for the Pop Quizzes that are set in stone. I hope to have everything worked out by Saturday.

Many Thanks,