Character Challenge 103: Zombies Scary Stuff

I am not a huge zombie scary stuff fan, but since it IS Halloween, I figured we might as well give it a whirl.

So your challenge this week is:

Create an awesome zombie!

Make Something Scary!

It could be a shambling zombie or a spooky ghost, a cackling witch or a disgusting pirate. Take a classic kids' Halloween costume and give it the really scary treatment. I'll pick my personal favorites when the week is over, with the one I like best being featured in the right column for the week. The rules otherwise are the same as always:

(Click to embiggen.)

No limit on entries this week, so knock yourselves out. Just make them good!

(ETA: Apparently people hate zombies, so I changed it to a generic Scary Stuff Halloween type challenge.)

71 Responses to Character Challenge 103: Zombies Scary Stuff

  1. Keric says:

    I’m giving this one a COMPLETE pass. I draw the line at zombies.

  2. Kaldath says:

    Good luck everyone who participates, I too will be passing on this one!

  3. Vampyrist says:

    Create an awesome speedster character!

    So are we making fast zombies then?

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    Post fixed. Sorry, it’s been a stressful day with the site acting up (and going down). I was trying to slap it together in the limited time I had while things were working.

    Sorry you don’t like zombies, guys. Maybe I’ll change it.

  5. MrVampire says:

    Nothing wrong with zombies, even Chuck Berry agrees with me on this one. That’s why he wrote that song Zombie B Good…

    Here’s my fish:

  6. Kaylin88100 says:

    I’m giving this one a COMPLETE pass.I draw the line at zombies.

    Personally, I draw the line at Halloween. You probably won’t have noticed, Jeff, but I haven’t entered the last few Pop Quizzes because of the Halloween theme, and I’m not entering this contest either. Feel free to carry on though.

  7. Moognation says:

    Mr. Vampire, your zombie fish made me spit coffee and laugh out loud! Thanks for that!

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    Fine, fine, message received! Now it’s just “Scary stuff”. My apologies for offending HeroMachine Nation.

  9. Alexander of Limbo says:

    Alexander of Limbo:
    Here’s one i did a while ago and have been saving:
    And another:
    And this is one i’m really proud of:

    The last file condenses the file name so i cant name it properly. Is it OK Jeff?

  10. Suleman says:

    Not sure if I have the time to do an exclusive entry for this contest, but here’s a moderately scary-looking undead fellow.

  11. MrVampire says:

    Apologies for the double post earlier, the sight was going down at the time. I actually tried submitting that one about five times and was banging my head on the keyboard and such.

    Anyway some future horrors, inspired by the film “Tokyo Gore Police”. Um, not the kind of movie you’d watch with your Grandma.

    Unless you have a crazy Grandma.

  12. MrVampire says:

    Just realised the file names were not named correctly on my last post. Fixed now.

    But give me a break, I think it’s been a bad week all round. On top of the internet problems, I just heard about Disney buying Lucas Films and their plans for a seventh Star Wars movie. I’m not taking this news well.

  13. Renxin says:

    What’s so bad about Halloween? Well, anyway… here’s a classic scary guy.

  14. Quark says: Not scary per se, but I wanted to make a relatively tame horror-themed superhero… Yeah, a zombie. I HAD TO create it with the Zombie Edition.

    Overall, not the best I have around, but it’s what fits the most.

  15. djuby says:

    As a Canadian we live with the constant fear of this horrific possibility.

  16. Keith_Kanin says:

    djuby: As a Canadian we live with the constant fear of this horrific possibility.


  17. Rick S. says:

    Didn’t get his hair quite right…but other than that if I saw it I’d be runnin…

  18. punkjay says:

    As a Canadian we live with the constant fear of this horrific possibility.

    You got the winner there!

  19. Kaldath says:

    Thread Hi-jack for a little message from your forum moderator. Just wanted to let you guys know that I survived Hurricaine Sandy but I do not have any power yet and this is the first time in nearly two days that I have had enough of a cell single to get online with my phone. Don’t know when things will be back up again so if you have any problems with the forum please contact Hammerknight or email Jeff until things retun to a semblence of normal here in NJ.

  20. Thundersong says:


    Growing up I always was interested in “Spooky and Ghostly” tales. One book, which still sends shivers down my spine when I read it is “Spooky Stuff” which is a book about Hawaiian Ghost and Monster tales. So, my first entry is an inspiration from the book, called the One Eyed Akua. “Akua” is basically Spirit in Hawaiian. There are good Akuas and Evil Akuas. The Evil ones are generally cannibals.

    The Second entry is actually three Ghosts put together. The main character is Yuki Onna who also scared me as a kid. The “Snow Woman” is a tale of woe. The Next one is the Mujina a Faceless Woman who scares people by luring them in with her crying and when approached turns slowly and manically laughs when the victim shows terror at her having no face. The last one is the Obakeneko which is usually a cat ghost, but I decided to make it a female figure with the features of a cat, another tale of woe as most times the woman will drown herself by throwing herself down a well and usually comes back as a cat to haunt the person who did her wrong.

    So probably not…”Scary” pictures, but the tales themselves can send shivers down your spine. Do Not spend the night alone in the Mountainous woods of Hawaii and if you do, do NOT fall asleep and let the fire go out, otherwise the One Eyed Akua will get you while you sleep. Approach a weeping woman only if you know she is not glowing with an unearthly light and stay awake during a snowstorm, otherwise Yuki Onna may come to steal your breath and life. And the most basic…remember to always treat a Cat right. You never know…it may be a Ghost masquerading as the cat…who will wreck havoc in your life if not treated fairly.

  21. Iscarioto says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing okay Kaldath! All the best!

  22. Worf says:

    Morgedda, Queen of Nightmares.

    At this point I’m throwing my budding idea out the window and conceding the win to dblade.

  23. djuby says:

    She has won every “Kiddies and Krowns” pagaent ever sponsored by her uncle Lucifer, and now she is part of TCL’s new fall lineup. “Here Comes Beelza-BooBoo!”

  24. DiCicatriz says:

    A quick one, just in the spirit of the holiday. A demonic creature hunting down the spirits who have taken advantage of the night to escape their infernal assignation.

  25. onikagenoken says:

    Entry #1

    Now a lot of people have been posting goblins, ghouls, and even demons. And while all these may be scary, I will show you something truly terrifying! (warning, this image is not for the faint of heart)

    Here is: Scariest Halloween!

  26. dblade says:

    Worf: At this point I’m throwing my budding idea out the window and conceding the win to dblade.

    No! No! You’re supposed to say “I can do better than that!” and bring on the awesome.

  27. JR19759 says:

    dblade: No! No! You’re supposed to say “I can do better than that!” and bring on the awesome.

    How exactly do you expect anyone to be more awesome than that? It can not be possible.

  28. Marquis Samedi says:

    The Beauty is constantly searching for the most attractive women it can find, to take them apart and harvest their parts to add to its ever-growing perfection.

  29. hyperanthropos says:

    Some say that he was a cruel captain, who was punished for his misdeeds with a terrible curse.
    Some say that he was a drowned sailor, who was returned to life in a hideous form after his true love made a pact with the devil.
    Some say that he is a mutant resulting from nuclear test in the Pacific.
    Everyone calls him…The Inhuman!

  30. demonhunter says:

    i am so excited for a contest to finally show off all of my zombies! first up is “ribs zombie”

    basically, this guy has his ribs exposed through his torn up shirt. he also recently ate some brains, as you can see. the flame on the shirt is just to give the shirt some design rather than being plain

    “obese zombie” has some injuries on his large decaying belly as well as no left hand or part of his left forearm

    for “leg zombie” i included a closeup of his face to detail his decaying face. his right leg is also particularly decayed, hence his name, with his muscles only covering the top of the leg, and only bone remaining on the bottom

    “female zombie” is the first female zombie i ever made. she is missing an arm, her skin is green with decay, and her clothes are tattered

    “fat zombie” is without his right arm, but some muscle remains on the bone that is left. also, his organs are falling out of his belly. note the extra chins as well haha

    “eye scar zombie” of course has a large scar on his face making his right eye useless. he obviously is a typical bony zombie and his left hand has begun to decompose more than the rest of his skin

    i think its pretty obvious why i called this one “exposed bones zombie.” this guy has significant decomposition visible on his entire body

    this one is called “custom body zombie” because i created a custom body by combining various body parts and using masking or covering up certain parts. i like how it turned out

    “business zombie” still wears his business suit from the days before he was undead, although it does not look as professional as it used to. he is also enjoying a delicious brain

    “bloody female zombie” is my second female zombie. the greenness of her skin, her exposed eye, and tilted head add to the creepy factor already made by the bloodstains on her clothes, which i think came out very well

    last but certainly not least, i present a character simply named “another zombie.” his significant features include an exposed eyeball and partially exposed skull, scar on his torso, decomposing hands, each of varying amounts, and exposed kneecap and foot bones. too bad he lost his other shoe

  31. Near Dark says:

    hope it’s fitting for ”something scary” concept. want to post anyway.

  32. Weilyn says:

    The name is supposed to be “Näck”. Seems like PhotoBucket doesn’t care for umlauts 😉

  33. Keith_Kanin says:

    djuby: Going all Queen Victoria on your a#@!

    Wow. Really like the Steampunk feel to this image. Looks great.

  34. Harlequin says:

    I want to make a scary and creepy screen. The project name is bloodbath, after change for I give you my heart. I find the picture creepy but scary?

    So this is my – I give you my heart.

  35. djuby says:

    Siimone Labreque works with the New Orleans PD in locating and raising the dead, so that victims can actively participate in bringing their own murderers to justice.

    The Reacher

  36. Skybandit says:

    Hmph! I make a zombie, then you change it! Tuff! Here’s a chainsaw zombie anyways!

  37. Herr D says:

    Not even a rainbow and fall foliage can make a Kodiak Moment serene!

  38. The Atomic Punk says:

    Hobgoblin: I rolled a 12 on the “Random Encounter Table.”

  39. Thundersong says:


    I was talkin’ to some peoples and then Inspiration. So, here is…the MOST SCARIEST THING EVER! I must warn you. This is so scary, it will give you nightmares, the sweats, it could even temporarily make you curl up in a fetal position. (I did talk to the people about this inspiration and they agreed that it was the scariest thing EVER!!! Even my female friends agreed, so no offense is EVER meant!!!). Remember my warning…clicking on the link…the things I described could happen….I gave fair warning!

    I hope you enjoy!!!! {LMAMEL}

  40. dblade says:

    Marquis Samedi:

    This one looks familiar. Come here, sweetie. Daddy still loves…AAAAAAAAAAH…WHAT THE…GLURP!!!!!!!!

  41. Iscarioto says:

    Kind of gruesome I guess, but reading a bit about the incident this was named after made me realise that the scariest thing out there truly is human kind.

    That and, well, a bit of a grisly shout out to some of the fellow heads

  42. Keith_Kanin says:

    By night the demon stalks the innocent while running from the angel. By day the angel hunts the demon. Neither realize that they are the same and that the hunt will never end.

  43. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK folks, the challenge is concluded.