Pumpkin Pop Quiz Results

All righty, after many hours of server woes, it appears we are back up and almost functional. Wahoo! As a result, here are the entries for our last Pop Quiz, which challenged you to come up with a cool Halloween pumpkin design:

As you can see, there were some fun and cool entries. My personal favorite is Jack's snowman-style grim homage. It reminds me a bit of what Calvin would get up to, an equal mixture of fun and frightening.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and Happy Halloween!

4 Responses to Pumpkin Pop Quiz Results

  1. Herr D says:

    Congrats to Jack. With a name like Jack, he SHOULD be qualified. Good luck to everyone dealing with Sandy.

  2. livewyre1014 says:

    man do I feel stupid…the first challenge I win and I posted it with the wrong name…the Jack-o-Lantern snowman was mine. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the honor. Now I’ll sink back into self loathing for forgetting to post it correctly…grumble.

  3. The Atomic Punk says:

    Belated congrats! Personal favorite was Carp’s Great Pumpkin.

  4. RobM says:

    The Atomic Punk:
    Belated congrats!Personal favorite was Carp’s Great Pumpkin.

    Mine too