Iron Man 3 Armors

I'll put the images after the jump for those who don't want to have the look of the new movie spoiled, but "Iron Man 3" stills have emerged showing the film's new armor. I'm curious what you all think about the design changes.

First up is the new Iron Man suit itself:

It's hard to tell from the photographs, but while the traditional sports car red is there, the metallic gold has been matted down almost into a cream. I hope not -- I can't say that "beige" is ever a color I want associated with a comic book super-hero. In terms of the armor design itself, I sort of feel like it comes across as shattered with the breaks in the color plates rather than a cohesive whole. I'll have to wait to see it in context and in motion before I'll know if I like it or not. Right now, I'm sort of meh.

The other leak is of the "Iron Patriot" costume (edited to replace original Photoshop with an actual photo):

I was never a fan of the design in the original comics and I can't say that seeing it in real life has done much to change that opinion. I mean, I get the idea and I think it could work great in terms of the story. The look, however, just feels like the filthy love-spawn of Captain America and Optimus Prime.

What do you all think?

Update: Thanks to FOH John, a better image of the two armors together on-set.