Character Design Challenge 99: Wingin' It

There's no WAY I'd take this case!

Your Character Design Challenge this week is to create the most awesome illustration possible featuring any item from the Backplane-Wings set. You could create an angel, or a bird-themed character, or a sea-faring monarch with teeny tiny wings on his ankles (as if anyone would believe that!), or a big flying mech, or an aircraft, or a sadistic vampire in his bat form, or anything else you can think of so long as at least one Wing item is present in the illustration.

I'll pick my personal favorites when the week is over, with the one I like best being featured in the right column for the week. The rules otherwise are the same as always:

  • All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like the HeroMachine forums, ImageShack, PhotoBucket, or whatever);
  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine challenge;
  • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension] before you upload it. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  • Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). See this post on how to get the direct link for most sites.
  • All entries must be in by next Monday, when I'll choose my personal favorites.

No limit on entries this week, so knock yourselves out. Just make them good!

148 Responses to Character Design Challenge 99: Wingin' It

  1. Kaylin88100 says:

    Do they have to be actually used as wings, or could we use them as something else? 😉

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Do they have to be actually used as wings, or could we use them as something else? ;)

    I like the way you think! We’ll go with the Pop Quiz standard here and say you can use it any way you like, it doesn’t have to be used just as a wing.

  3. Sebastian978 says:

    Steel-hawk is one of the newest members of Karma. He was born a mutant with steel wings. He was considered an outcast by his whole town because of his mutation from the moment he was born. He turned cold and evil towards the world until he ran into Tattoo in the woodlands near his home town of Colorado Springs Colorado and was inspired by him. Tattoo took him to The Temple so he could learn the ways taught by The Master and after he was trained how to use his mutant powers for good The Master thought he would be a perfect fit for Karma.

  4. headlessgeneral says:

    I have a feeling that there are gonna be a ton of entries for this one.
    Here’s my first.

    Entry #1
    Unnamed Flying Tech Guy

  5. Kaylin88100 says:

    You might recognise this Angel from an OCD quite a while ago…but most of you probably won’t.

    …Hey, I just noticed: it’s Contest 99! Are you going to do something special for number 100, Jeff?

  6. Mad Doctor says:

    Strange homeless guy try to fly but fail.

  7. Dangerfish says:

    Aww yeah, it’s been a looong time since I’ve entered

    Here’s my angel of Mercy

  8. StrangerousRex says:

    This might be the right link, as it happens:

  9. Harlequin says:

    Tarkabarka and Harlequin is the same person, hope not problem the name. So this is my angel collection. If i post any of these in any contest, then sorry, i can’t remember.

    Angelli – The Angel of Night

    Sallia – The Angel of Dreams

    Azazel – The Angel of Darkness

    Eriel – The Angel of the forgiveness of the Sins

    Naranda – The Angel of Revival

    Asimondo – The Angel of Anger

    Zadkiel – The angel of Prayer

    Abaddon – The fallen Angel of Death

    Xaphan – The fallen angel of the fire of Hell

    Always angel whisper in our ears, sometimes they are good, but few times we hear what we tell the evil.

  10. Juggernaut says:

    Golden Boy-


    This guy is from my comic series titled “Color Blind” where everything is black, white and red. Still have not figured out his name…if you have any ideas just say’em-

    Blue Jay-

    Insection? Still haven’t perfected his name yet-

    Laura Baetes, who later becomes Insection II (or Lady Insection), is the offspring of Carl Baetes (Insection I) and Laura Mixx (Animal)-

  11. GuyGenesis says:

    I’ll probably try and enter this aswell. I’ve got one character I can enter and another that will fit after I work him up.

  12. Arioch says:


    Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension] before you upload it. So DiCicatriz Harlequin, for instance, would save his “Bayou Belle” Naranda character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png Harlequin-Naranda.png.


  13. Worf says:

    This might be the right link, as it happens:

    Right idea, the direct link is correct but your picture has to be named something other than just a number…. like StrangerousRex-Demon.png …. BEFORE you upload it.

    You see, Jeff just right clicks on the images and saves them to his computer before judging. If he saves a picture named 82689050.png he won’t go through the trouble of sifting through a hundred or so entries to find out it was posted by you and he’ll just disqualify it.

    Just trying to help. 🙂

  14. Juggernaut says:

    This is Spike, one of the most unpredictable vilains ever to be inked in a comic book-

    Blue Fire…the fabio of my comics!-

    Cameleon has two of the greatest powers…suspense…Shapeshifting and the ability to blend in and/or adapt to his surroundings.-

  15. Jawsabi says: My only entry. Sorry the background sucks. Didn’t go to sleep til’ 2 am

  16. Three horsemen of Apocalypse:

    Death- Neutral in morality, cruel nonetheless

    Famine- Evil in morality, famine drains the life from anyone who survives her twisters deadly trail of poison.

    Conquest- Pure in morality, capable of pity, hates War.

    and my rouge angels, Syphon, M.A.X., and Baroness

  17. NHA247 says:

    This is my fourth entry.




  18. Kaldath says:

    Entry # 8 ( the other 7 still awaiting Moderation as of the time of this posting ) :

    I couldn’t let a contest about winged characters go by without entering a new redesign of my namesake character : Kaldath Kel`Halavath –

  19. maniacmick says:

    Larry, don’t know why but when I made him I just thought “He looks like a Larry”. I imagine he has some menial job somewhere in the monster world, that’s why he looks disgruntled.

  20. Mr. Chowderhead says:

    Everyone here has some great looking characters.

    Here are my entries.

    King Necros – The Supreme Judge of the Dead

    King Heavenwing – The Divine Celestial King of the Angels

  21. Scatman says:

    This one will hopefully be the start to my Deadly Sins series
    Demon GREED

  22. Scatman says:

    this is my take on a Thorlike Norse hero.
    this is SHADOWING

  23. Scatman says:

    This one makes me remember that HM3 doesn’t need to rack your creative core and you can have alot of fun as I did with.

  24. Scatman says:

    Ok..I really had a BLAST with the wings on this.anyway this as opposed to a unmaned drone he himself is the drone.He also is the missle.He has accuracey of a needles eye controls the level of Impact and explosion and within’ seconds pulls his splintered atoms to their original place and flys away unscathed!

  25. DarkWarrior076 says:

    I’m thinking of going with a Mechagodzilla kind thing, but the people of Japan will finally fight giant monsters with this creation that mankind will finally wipe out giant monsters with their own hands. The Godzillakilla! HAHA

  26. djuby says:

    Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl. In Hell! Worst…floorshow…ever.

  27. Overseer says:

    Avalon is a superhero bestowed with angelic wings and the ability to control blue fire. She was given these powers by a rare artifact know as the Chimarian Stone so that she could defend the people of Europe. Regrettably the power came with a price: she would be split. During spring and summer she flies as Avalon but during fall and winter she flies as Abandon. Abandon is the projection of darkness. She silently flies with black wings burning people with red fire. Both Avalon and Abandon wish to be separated from the other, but never can.



  28. Melmo44 says:

    Three entries for me to start with.
    1. Raven was a mutant gifted with many powers; eyesight keener than an eagle, super strength and agility, and near-invulnerability. Yet she would have given all of that up for the one power she didn’t have. Flight. As a teenager she covered herself in tattoos depicting her desires, and bought the fastest car she could find as soon as she could drive. The other heroes consider her an anti-hero and a loner, but Highway Raven keeps the lonely roads safe, hoping one day to fly as fast through the air as her car does over the road.

    2. For untold centuries, there were rumors and stories of an ancient race of bird-women. They were said to be beautiful and powerful in magic, long-lived and wise beyond measure. It is thought they were a race escaped from Atlantis, priestesses of Isis, who spread out into the wider world. After the decline of Egypt, they no longer wished the attentions of the lesser races of men, and relocated themselves to remote areas of the globe, taking with them their shamanistic rituals and knowledge. Only a most extraordinary mortal could hope to be in the presence of even one of these regal creatures.

    3. One of my own. The immortal sorceress known as Sei’Kan’Kar (or Mistress of the Dark). Two thousand years ago, she led her demonic horde out across the lands, seeking to conquer all with her lover, the wolf Kar’vel. She was eventually imprisoned between realities, to prevent her from exerting her influence within them. Since then, Kar’vel has sought to free her, and in doing so, destroy the order of Warriors that imprisoned her.

  29. Arioch says:

    An old one
    Dimir Taar, enchanting items to give himself powers and protection

  30. Jessica says:

    Man, I just took hours to do mine and I just looked at all the other ones. I’m so envious. Harlequin (or Tarkabarka) I really wanna know how you make them look so real. I can’t even describe it. It’s like your colors sort of fade to make it look 3D. But I can’t figure out how! And Scatman, how did you do that sparkle thing?! I’m so envious.

  31. Jessica says:

    Oh, and Hammerknight, freaking HILARIOUS! When pigs fly…

  32. Fennec Bob says:

    Hey everybody! I’m kinda a rookie here but here’s my favorite characters that I’ve made with the backplane of wings criteria. I hope they’re up to par lol!

    Danicka the Succubus

    The Harbinger of Torment

    The Harbinger of Deceit

    The Harbinger of Agony

    The Nameless

    Xanthus the Bird of Death

  33. Hyperanthropos says:

    The title for my entry is “Anima Mundi – Spirit of the World”

  34. Drakov says:

    I’m new to this whole contest thing, been playing around with Hero Machine for years but I just decided to give this a go for the first time today.

    Here’s my first ever entry!
    It contains mild nudity, which I hope isn’t a problem…

    The Winged Beast:

  35. Hyperanthropos says:

    …aaand my second entry “Hermes”

  36. Skybandit says:

    Part of my anti-amalgam project: Where Amalgam emphasized the recognition of the two original characters, I’ve de-emphasized it so nobody gets sued. Officer Owl is Cap + Bats, so the origins of his sidekick Rookie should be obvious… but not TOO obvious!

  37. JR19759 says:

    taking what Kaylin said earlier into consideration, I present Gold Hawk and Queen Eagle.
    (Should be fairly obvious who is who, even though they are positioned under the wrong name).

  38. Moognation says:

    Here’s my favorite winged character I’ve done…

  39. Hyperanthropos says:

    Third time’s the charm.
    “Boreas, the Greek Northwind”

  40. Hyperanthropos says:

    @MZU: Dear MZU, you have to create a direct link for images, or else they won’t be allowed. Scroll up to the contest rules and look, where it says this:
    ■Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). See this post on how to get the direct link for most sites.

    Follow the instructions and link your characters directly to this website. By the way, your images are great.

  41. MZU says:

    @MZU: Dear MZU, you have to create a direct link for images, or else they won’t be allowed. Scroll up to the contest rules and look, where it says this:
    ■Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). See this post on how to get the direct link for most sites.

    Follow the instructions and link your characters directly to this website. By the way, your images are great.

    Ok. Thanx, Hyper .. I’ll send new direct links now .. Can I somehow delete previous post?

  42. Harlequin says:

    Arioch – I wrote down Harlequin and Tarkabarka is a same person, but i don’t want to reupload twice the pictures in the forum.

    Jessica – Contact me in the forum, or and i send you few of these txt to check how i made the color works.

  43. Kaylin88100 says:

    Ok, here my winged heros again, by instructions with direkt image links )

    Yes, that’s right. Well done! 🙂

  44. dblade says:

    Here is Lady Phoenix, one of the psi lords of the Five Heavens.
    I like wings.

  45. BloodlessRose says:

    Hi again guys long time no see so here’s my entry hope you guys like it. Its another one from my horror story i’ve been writing, my take on classic fairytale princesses having deadly secrets.

    I give you: Odette

  46. Scatman says:

    this one was a bit quick but I liked the concept.
    GOLDSTARR The Fallen

  47. Scatman says:

    Jessica: Man, I just took hours to do mine and I just looked at all the other ones. I’m so envious. Harlequin (or Tarkabarka) I really wanna know how you make them look so real. I can’t even describe it. It’s like your colors sort of fade to make it look 3D. But I can’t figure out how! And Scatman, how did you do that sparkle thing?! I’m so envious.

    Hey I just saw your entry and I think it is wonderful!everyone has a style and with it will come tweaking,use the shading ideas from tips and tricks there are sooo many things that will make your creations that much MORE beautiful.But looking at the wonderful art from the many machiners here is how I was inspired.You look like you have a great headstart and You have a chance with that wonderful peice as anyone here does!That is a fact!keep it up !!Your entry is wonderful and the colors are superb.

  48. MDF1216 says:

    Well i had to make another account.. for some reason it wont let me on my account-Armour…. but heres my entry hopefully you like it…

  49. Sebastian978 says:

    Pestilence, one of the four horsemen. Anything he touches with his bone-hand dies of disease.

  50. Worf says:

    Fennec Bob:
    Hey everybody! I’m kinda a rookie here but here’s my favorite characters that I’ve made with the backplane of wings criteria. I hope they’re up to par lol!

    Danicka the Succubus

    etc, etc…….

    Hello Fennec Bob. As Jeff would say, it’s great to have new people here. However, I must point out that your files are not named correctly.

    Using the one picture I left in the quote above, it should be named something like FennecBob-Danicka.jpg, not 2rojs6x.jpg. Now as I’ve explained, Jeff copies all the files to his computer before he starts judging. Now imagine you did that with all the entries here, and when you start to look at them you come across file 473b7d3.jpg. Imagine you really liked it and wanted to give credit to the creator. How would you know who created it? You’d have to read every single entry in the contest and find out the name of that person. You could do it if there was only 1… imagine now that you have to do that for 20 or 30 different pictures… Now you can imagine why Jeff disqualifies pictures that don’t comply to the naming rules. I don’t mean to pick on you, I’m just using your post as an example. I’m only trying to help.

    AND just in case you are unsure if you did it correctly, before you post your new links, here’s a way to check if you named them correctly:
    1) before hitting post, hit preview. You comment will appear above but with a yellow background.
    2) right-click one of your links and select “open in a new tab”
    3) go to the new tab, right-click on your image and select “save image as…”
    4) in the dialog that opens up, check that the file name to be saved contains your name and the picture/character name
    5) if it is correct, come back to the HM page and hit post.

    Hope I’ve helped. 🙂

  51. MentalHernia says:

    Here’s a blind mutant mole creature:

    And here’s a warrior:

    And here’s a character with the wings actually used as wings:

    Gene’s an angel who has a lot of disdain for humanity, at least until his self-righteous attitude gets a kid hurt. This is before all that, when he’s still a condescending jerk.

  52. Hyperanthropos says:

    This entry is my tribute to Conan, the Cimmerian, created by Robert E. Howard. The image was inspired by a scene out of the story “Queen of the Black Coast”, first published in 1934.

    “Just then the creature spread broad wings and flapped off into the jungle”

  53. Thundersong says:


    Here are my entries. First one up, Sidhe Princess.

    The Sidhe Princess, born of the Rose. She will one day rule all the Sidhe when her Mother passes to the Golden Lands. *Note* I created her from inspiration of the awesome 70’s posters.

    Next up, the Sidhe Queen who rules all the Sidhe, her nemesis is The Scream, the UnSidhe Queen who rules all the UnSidhe. They are eternally at odds and war against each other. Though time and again, she reaches out to help her Sister, she is rebuffed. When not in War, she blesses those who see her trooping during the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. *Note* Her coloring and somewhat characterization, I took inspiration from the awesome Posters of the Seventies!

    Lastly, The Scream, the UnSidhe Queen. She is oft torn between what she once was, and what she has become. One side shows her eternal beauty and youngness, being the Sidhe Queen’s Sister. But envy and hate grew in her and she began changing. So now, her other side, shows her “ugliness” which has warped her beauty and youngness to that of an old hag. Her mind also torn, goes back and forth with creating wars with her sister and then feeling calls off the war. Her sister would like to help, but The Scream rebuffs all attempts at reconciliation. She is a changeling and can change her shape to that of her old self and that of the old hag. Beware if you meet her on a dark lonely crossroad. What image will she appear to you?

    Well, those are my entries for this contest. I hope that they invoke the image of what I attempted to portray. A side note for those who may not know. “Sidhe” is the name also commonly known as “Seelie” and “Faery/Fae/Fairy/Fair Folk”. Those who read the awesome ShadowRun/Shadowrunner? series (was that even the name of the series??? It’s been a long while since I last read them). LOL!

  54. Mr. Chowderhead says:

    Oops! I realized I didn’t put my name on my characters above. Corrected that.

    King Necros

    King Heavenwing

  55. Calvary_Red says:

    Been working on these guys for a while now, and will probably continue to do so. The idea of adding wings was too good to pass up. ^_^x

    On the left is the B-09 Ninja, a unit designed for blitz runs and black ops missions. It is capable of high speeds and has an and stealth flight, and is equipped with an adaptive camouflage unit allowing it to become near invisible.

    To the right is the R-12 Viking. This unit was built for raw fire power. It is unable to fly, but is equipped with anti-air missiles, as well as numerous other heavy weapons.

    Front and center is the experimental G-24 Paladin. The Paladin uses the newly developed variable shield projector (VSP). While the standard shield systems protecting most of the Federation’s ships and mechs create a solid-light force-field that conforms to the shape their individual units, the VSP can project fields in any pre-programmed shape. In addition to the obvious defensive benefits of being able to shield a larger area, the shield projector can be used offensively by shaping the fields into weapons, and is in fact, the only weapon equipped to the Paladin.

  56. JR19759 says:

    These will probably be the last ones I post.
    Agares- The berserk demon
    Fire Angel- Burning Love
    Arete- The Goddess of Excellence (Although you can judge that for yourselves)

  57. Harlequin says:

    This picture is directly made for this contest. I maybe a year ago to make any angel. So now i need a little practice

    The picture title is Celestial Romance or Unholy Union. I think everyone choose wich answer is the correct.

  58. Amaranth says:

    A more traditional take: Era the Valkyrie and her armored gryphon.

    A more unique design: The Razorfeather Assassin Incense

  59. Juggernaut says:

    Theese are my 11th and 12th entries enjoy!

    This one is called Swamp. He has no soul and is just to be left alone in his swamp. Anyone who disturbs him or his land…will pay-

    This one is Lightining Blade. The fastest man alive-

  60. Scatman says:

    ok like I couldn’t have eneough fun.I managed to pump one more in.this is it!

  61. Herr D says:

    I should probably thank Kaylin8– for demonstrating the wingflower and encouraging me to do things my way with her One-Slot Challenge. I think I used a third of the wing items at least once.

    This piece may be eventually retitled “Please and Thank You” or “Faux Pas” or “Culture Shock.”

  62. Shiboreth says:

    Ashari Priestess:

    This creature is from a race called the Asharis, known by their wings, pointy ears, and their affinity for magic. Their society is largely secular, believing magic to simply be a result of the universe functioning as is, but some are more inclined to give magic’s source a divine explanation. This priestess is one such practitioner.

  63. Jessica says:

    Oh, and if anyone knows how to color a person a deep, golden, California-style tan I’d love to hear it. I had the worst time finding a skin color.

  64. Jeff Hebert says:

    Oh, and if anyone knows how to color a person a deep, golden, California-style tan I’d love to hear it. I had the worst time finding a skin color.

    Try a Google search for “skin color chart”. I found this nifty one there:

  65. dblade says:

    I know this is an obvious thing to say, but there are some really awesome entries in this contest. Go, Machinists!

  66. Jack says:

    Hope this doesn’t break your copyright infringement rule, Jeff:

  67. Jeff Hebert says:

    Hope this doesn’t break your copyright infringement rule, Jeff:

    No, I think that’s unique enough.

  68. DC-Lover says:

    Here are my entrys
    1. The Raven.
    A poe themed hero that quotes the words “Never More” after he foils Villains. With the ability to fly due to anti gravity device attached to his spine and mechanical wings on his back,A Talon Like glove to help in combat, and mechanical razor disc with the ability to return to him at his command he is an intimadating hero.

    2. Desert Eagle
    The leader of a mercenary group, Desert Eagle got his name due to his weapon of choice and the mechanical suit he wears. His methods are brutal and he shows little to no mercy to civilians, refugees, soldiers, and his own men. A force to be reckoned with and has no real goal or motivation besides battle.

    3.The Fallen Angel
    After failing to fight for God in the battle against hell, the Angel Abraham was vanquished to earth to live until he redeemed himself. His body was cursed to share both a form of an angel and demon. He was given a mortal body to reside in to hide the shame that was now his body. For thousands of years he lived on earth examining those who God created. Then as demons started coming to earth he took up his sword again and decided he would earn his way back into Paradise.

    4. Comrade Steel
    Before the Cold War ended in 2005 two super soldier suits of armour were created. These Red steel and Black Titanium suits were codenamed Stalin and Khrushchev in honour of the Soviet Union’s former leaders. When the war ended the suits were locked away. That is until the day that two rogue discharged soldiers broke into the containment facility and stole them. After that day the two became Terrorists around the world fighting to bring back the Soviet Union

    Scientists were working on a government project, when before it was completed the item was stolen. The codenamed Project Firefly was a metal suit of armour for soldiers that would let them fly into enemy territories and take out their bases. Not yet activated, it would be worth millions on the black market. The thieves got into a car accident and the armour was lost to the world. This was until the day a college student named Marcus Brown found the suitcase. When he put it on he found it gave him great abilities and decided to use them to become a hero under the name on the case of the suit. He became FIREFLY.

    6. Harpy
    Amanda Harper was a brilliant Ornithologist, who was best known for her books on birds and protests against chemical companies destroying aviary habitats. On one of her many protests however she decided to chain herself to a tree overnight. Knowing she was the only one capable of going the full night she slowly fell to sleep. Getting desperate the company decided to spread the test gas through the habitat. As she woke up, the gas filled her lungs and she started to panic. Tearing the chains off of her she ran from the forest coughing hysterically. The next morning the entire night was a blur but she somehow managed to get home. It was then that the mutation began. She painfully transformed into a bird like woman and decided to take her revenge out on the corporations that this to her.

  69. Mr. Chowderhead says:

    Decided to add another entry.

    Alastor AKA The Silverwing

  70. Melmo44 says:

    She knew she shouldn’t have done it. It started with helping that old lady across the street instead of laughing at her. Little things, what could a little niceness hurt? Then she had to go and save those orphans from that fire. Now the most horrifying change was coming over her. Her black wings were shrinking, being replaced with nubs of sky blue feathers. Worst still, her pretty hooves and claws were disappearing in the spreading milky rash that was overtaking her red skin. Who said being nice never hurt anyone?


  71. Jessica says:

    Okay, so I went a different way for this one. Here is my Demon of Darkness!

  72. Jessica says:

    Okay, just saw a small glitch in my image. I’m gonna try this again.

  73. KEric says:

    I saw this in a dream last night, I had to see If I could get close!
    Concept: the Little Angel necklace that the man is reaching for to give him comfort, is guarding him from evil demons.

    (Btw great contest, so Simple, yet so inspiring!)

  74. djuby says:

    Found this in my gallery and thought I might as well enter it.

    Faerie Queen

  75. Harlequin says:

    12th. Entry. Hmmm i very inspired
    Bad or Good this is a simple question.

    I hope this not violent the PG13 – thats why i censured the hand.

  76. Ploughed Jester says:

    I’ve actually got two this time!

    First is a character I played a while ago but was so much fun. As soon as this companion body showed up in the machine I had to give it a go. I made a bunch of touch ups to the original, including shadows/shading before including it in the contest as it was rather plain. By far my favorite companion based drawing of mine yet!

    Next I was thinking of some great dragon battle, but some of my nieces were hanging about and one screamed, “make a fairy princess” then another said, “no, a queen” followed by the youngest , “with pretty flowers!” Of course one had to be different, saying, “and skulls!”. I just laughed and they left later that night, but I figured, why not, so here it is. Oh, and all four liked it! So that’s good enough for me.

  77. Vampyrist says:

    My first entry, a fallen angel who uses mechanical wings and enochian symbols to reach his former power level.

  78. Jessica says:

    Jeff Hebert: Try a Google search for “skin color chart”. I found this nifty one there:

    Thanks Jeff! I was able to find a chart that has what you have but also some other ones. For everyone’s use:

    Thanks for your help!

  79. Alexander of Limbo says:

    I was planing on doing loads for this contest, like each of the four horsemen of the apocalypse but i’m just not feeling it right now. So this’ll probably be my only entry:

  80. Calvary_Red says:

    By far my favorite creation yet. Sometimes i felt less like i was designing Acolthus, and more like he telling me what he looked like. Projects like that just seem to have a life of their own, and are always fun to make.

    He’s a powerful hero with light and sun based abilities, That’s about all i know about him right now. He has yet to tell me more…

  81. Laventia Rose says:

    This is my first entry for the contest. I have finally got the hang of using hero machine with creating Alyen, the forest fairie scout. I hope y’all like it and have a great day!

  82. Laventia Rose says:

    Here’s my second entry for the contest. Owlena with her trusted friend, Jurian.

  83. Laventia Rose says:

    Sorry about that, here’s the correct link with the correct name.

  84. Thundersong says:


    As I was going through my characters, I discovered, I had made many with wings, unfortunately…I did not save them so, almost all are gone and I don’t even KNOW how I made them! LOL! But, I did find one in my text saves…so, I present her to all of you. This is from my plant essences characters. As most know, I tend to go for the authentic colorization and “feel” of the subject, so she is green representing her main stalk and leaves. The feathers…are representative of her seeds and I think flowers. It’s been awhile since I made her and forgot exactly what the “wings” represent. LOL! But it’s one of the two…seeds or flowers…

  85. JR19759 says:

    I know in my last post I said I wasn’t going to enter any more designs, but I did this guy last night and I used a wing part, so why not.

  86. Trekkie says:

    Entry #1:

    The Eagle:
    Ex-superhero recently forced out of retirement due to some kind of big crisis:

  87. Overseer says:

    The title says it all.
    Sheen Allian, Protector of Earth

  88. Rhinoman says:

    Finally had the chance to enter a contest with a few (hopefully) strong entries!

    Fire Friend

    Once again in a classic “Monster Manual” style I give you
    Winged Marauder

    My winged Owl/Human hybrid archer

    Umm…not sure what to call this. Just started putting animal parts together. I just call it
    Winged Creature

    Of course the Flying Monkeys from the Wizard of Oz have to be living it up with all the royalties from the film…right?

    And of course the expected winged creation
    Butterfly Maiden

  89. tackin says:

    this is my first contest so i would apriciate any and all feedback

  90. SpellCheckingQuill says:

    I’m almost late, and I know I already turned in my other two entries, and it’s a school night, but this hit me at almost 4 AM and there was no way I was letting it get away. I think it was worth it.

    Apologies for minor nudity in accordance with typical classical art and for some artistic license to make it work in HM.

    If anyone isn’t familiar with Winged Victory –>

  91. Jeff Hebert says:

    Contest entries are now closed, thanks folks!