Caption Challenge 128 results!

Many thanks to everyone who entered our last Caption Challenge, which tasked you with writing the best headline for this comics panel:

Here are the ones that I personally found the funniest:

  • Mark: When a mob boss tells you to get off his lawn, you listen.
  • fuzztone: You gotta mouse? We gotta solution.
  • ProwlerKnight: They should’ve bought some girl scout cookies
  • Mark: No child will ever be trapped in here again, once we fill this old well with lead.
  • Jawsabi: This is WAY better than laser-tag!
  • Twiggy: The New Orleans mob decides to deal with Hurricane Isaac their own way
  • Jake: Not everyone appreciated the Kenny G concert.
  • McKnight57: In the mob, a 21 gun salute happens BEFORE the burial.
  • Herr D: Dick Tracy never found out what happened to “Crawls” McGee.
  • The Occupant: And I thay it’th Duck Season!
  • spidercow2012: Don Vito said to clean out the rain gutters, so…
  • X-stacy: And that’s when I found out everybody really was a critic.

And my overall favorite? Fuzztone! The idea of a Mob-run extermination agency tickled my fancy and the line's well written.

Thanks everyone! I'd love to hear about your favorite(s) in the comments, so if you're computer-bound on this holiday (or stuck at the airport like me), chime in.