Caption Challenge 125 Results

Many thanks to everyone who entered Caption Challenge 125, which asked you to come up with the best replacement dialog for this comics panel:

I was amazed at the great lines you came up with for what I thought was a very challenging image. Here are the ones that were my personal favorites, though if you haven't read through all the comments I highly encourage you to, as they're pretty funny.

  • alphaalpharomeo: Now I can be just like Batman
  • X-stacy: What could go wrong with following the unsigned directions that came with these anonymously delivered drugs? I can’t wait to start!
  • Vampyrist: eBay, here I come
  • McKnight57: Angel Dust: When you want to be Superman strong and Hank Pym crazy…
  • thejay: I knew the JLA’s funding sources were sketchy, but drug-dealing?…
  • BlackCat: “Hmmmm…. Wrong address.”
  • Renxin: I’ll sell these to Aquaman for a freakin’ fortune!
  • Skybandit: The combined powers of Batman, Snapper Carr AND Green Arrow!
  • Bryce Wasley: I can only imagine what Lex Luthor’ll pay for these.
  • Myro: “Way to troll me, Wonder Woman. Batman doesn’t have any powers!”
  • Kalontas: “Yeah, just like the time that Nigerian prince wanted to ‘share’ his money… Screw that.”
  • Gabe Puratekuta: “The powers of the Justice League? I’m SO gonna use these for evil!”
  • ProwlerKnight: “Warning, if you experience these powers for more than four hours please call a doctor immediately”
  • spidercow2012: “Side effects may include fear of fire, powerlessness against yellow and/or the need to get back in the ocean after an hour. Discontinue use if you start talking to fish.”
  • Herr D: So, I just throw them REALLY hard at the enemy, right?

Out of those, I think Renxin, Myro, and Spidercow2012 were at the top of my personal list, so I went ahead and did those up all fancy for your enjoyment:

Let us know in the comments what your personal favorites were, and thanks again to everyone who played along!