Look, it's Copyright Infringement Man!

In the world of advertising and design, two groups inspire more fear than even the Mob or the Legion of Doom -- the Girl Scouts of America and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Those people must have a thousand man-eating mutant mind sharks dressed up as attorneys on staff, because if you produce anything even remotely like their logos, they will be on you like The Biggest Losers on the last Twinkie in the package.

Which means you have to give this Golden Age hero a medal for bravery:

You see, your honor, that's not a red cross on his chest, it's a red seal. You can tell because it's in his name, see? No?

Fine, if you won't take that as definitive proof of his courage, let's just focus on the fact that he's willing to go out in public dressed that way. That ginormous chest medallion is so fly I can't even stand it, but the real clincher in this ensemble is the combination of suspenders and Speedos. That's a look you just can't get enough of, Mr. Middle-Aged European Beach Walker. It's like the Beverly Hillbillies and Errol Flynn had a love child raised in the South of France. "Go away or I shall taunt you with my pallid longshanks a second time!"

Is this already the most random Bad Costume review to date? I report, you decide!

(Image from "Target Comics" volume 2, number 6, 1941.)