Character Contest 95 Results

We had a huge turnout for Character Contest 95, wherein you were challenged to come up with a character based on a country that was not the United States. We received 237 entries from sixty different people. Amazing! And the quality was stellar as well. In fact, I went ahead and uploaded all of the entries so you can have the same joy in viewing them as I did. Just click any one of the thumbnails below to start a slideshow of the whole set.

We're going to do things a little differently this week for determining the overall winner. I've still selected a handful that I think were exemplary in one way or another, but the winner will be decided by popular vote among you, the HeroMachine public! I've put all the Finalists in a poll, below, and you can vote for as many as you think are worthy. At 6:00 Central Time today, whoever has the most overall votes, wins. We'll see how this goes and maybe we'll do it like this going forward as well.

You can click on any image in the poll to see it full sized in a separate browser window or tab.

Good luck everyone!

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