Caption Contest 124 Winners

Many thanks to everyone who entered Caption Contest 124, which challenged you to come up with the best replacement dialog for this random comics panel:

I picked out the ones that made me laugh the most, and now I am using this here Internet machine thingie to reproduce them for your enjoyment:

  • Skybandit: I’m the $6 Million Dog Whisperer!
  • Gero: “Help, he drank the spot remover!”
  • MaDPac: “I knew we shouldn’t have let your mother hang out with transformers!”
  • Herr D: Scotty’s a rescue dog from Chernobyl–he’s fi-aaaahhh!
  • Herr D: –yeah, well I wish I had JELLO instead of a dog and a smaller nose–DAH!
  • TWIZTID HIPPY: At least now i can see when you need to go outside.
  • Gabe Puratekuta: “Great… You’re not going to bite me so I become a dog-themed superhero, are you?”
  • Frankie: “Well, I’m the new Jubilee, and (gasp!), ‘Wolvie!’ What did they DO to you?”
  • Joel: “No ice sculpture’s ever ever beaten me in a starring contest before and they ain’t startin’ now!’
  • thejay: I can see my NOSE in there!
  • ProwlerKnight: By god, my dog is a ghost and I’m turning into Michael Jackson!
  • MrMikeK: I wanted an ironic pet not an ionic one!

And the winner is ... Herr D!