HM3: More Vehicles

Man, it's a busy posting day here at HeroMachine Central. I didn't want to go too long, though, without telling you about an update I worked through this weekend. I've just added the following items to "Companion-Vehicles":

The first image there of the bicycle was the genesis of the additions, Nick Hentschel's prize for winning Caption Contest 113. I know there are now two VW Bugs but come on, there are a lot of Hippie characters out there who need wheels, man!

I'm probably most excited about the locomotive for some reason and the car with the undercarriage showing. I think that will be a nice one for strong characters holding it over their heads.

Enjoy! As usual, if you don't see the new items, clear your browser cache.

11 Responses to HM3: More Vehicles

  1. dblade says:

    What!? What!? What!?

    Those are awesome!

    And you, sir, are awesome!

  2. Kaldath says:

    My Favorite addition here would be that Jet on the top row. I have a request you can put into your “if I ever have time to get to it” pile. I’d like to see more space aged/futuristic vehicles added.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Full disclosure: I didn’t draw these, they came from a couple of packs of free vector art that I broke up and imported. Which is why I was able to do them at all — it only took half a day to crank these out, while if I had to draw them by hand it’d be at least a week or two.

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    Also, on most of the cars (and on the chopper) I tried to make the windshields with no color at all, so you could pose something as if they were in the vehicle. I’m not 100% sure that will work out in practice but I figured it was worth a shot.

  5. Myro says:

    That locomotive and the old-timey cars (mostly the one in the lower left corner) will do nicely for some Steampunk.

  6. Cliff says:

    Awesome Jeff!

    HHow many times lately have I said YOU ROCK!
    Well add another one cause …

    I really love this programs

    Thanks again.

  7. Cliff says:

    My pic is there on my post

  8. What, no VW Microbus? My first car was a ’77 bus! SON I AM DISAPPOINT

  9. Herr D says:

    Oh thank you, Jeff . . . I was hoping for an undercarriage so I wouldn’t have to do some creative masking for a frame of car crashing while driver jumps out shooting . . .

  10. FRM says:

    i love the second one!

  11. Tarkabarka says:

    I like all.

    I now think to make a motor and a bycicle screen. Thanks Jeff.