Captain Obese back in print!

Legendary comics creator Don Lomax was kind enough to drop me a line earlier today in response to a "Captain Obese" panel I posted a while back. If it wasn't clear in my original (and it wasn't), I thoroughly enjoyed the book and considered it one of the gems of my "Random Bag of Ten Comics from Half Price Books" period. The art and writing were both stellar, taking what should have been an obvious parody and doing something both fun and "serious" with it. The pages simmered with active, engaging details and really pulled me in.

It turns out the complete "Captain Obese" series is currently being posted on the CO2 comics website and I highly encourage you to check it out. Mr. Lomax and CO2 Comics are also planning on releasing the original series as a graphic novel this summer, so keep an eye out for that.

Unlike some others I could name (cough-Liefeld-cough), Mr. Lomax is one of the truly gifted creators in the field and I'm glad to be able to report he's still putting out high quality product. If you get the chance, spend a few hours looking through the site and catching up with his creations, you'll be glad you did.

I'm also delighted to be able to share (with Mr. Lomax' permission) the back cover to the upcoming graphic novel:

2 Responses to Captain Obese back in print!

  1. Don Lomax says:

    First of all, Jeff, I want to thank you for your unsolicited testimonial regarding Captain Obese. A little background might be in order. Originally CO was conceptualized back in 1986. Yes, that was last century. The ELFQUEST people, Richard and Wendy Pini were looking to add other titles to their growing line and ask if I was interested in contributing to a new title, Fantasci, and I pitched CO to them. They were reluctant because a majority of the public at that time had proper upbringing and thought it was wrong to “make fun” of fat people. Of course those days are long gone since that particular minority is rapidly becoming the majority nowadays. There was a furor over the comic in certain venues even though I made it plain that I too was morbidly obese, (still am) and who should have more of a right to explore the plight of an overweight superhero than one who has walked in his sneakers?
    There are a trillion highly-muscled, broad chested, super defenders of truth, justice, and the American way out there in comicdom.
    I just hope that Milman Trite, alias: The Great Protector, alias: Captain Obese might be allowed to share the spotlight…though, come to think about it, there might not be much room for anyone else if he does.

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks for the behind the scenes look at the book, Mr. Lomax, we’re honored to have you!