Rebel … of LOVE!

Being a fashion rebel sometimes is a good thing. But not in the case of Dark Horse Comics' 1991 character "Rebel":

That's right, dudes, for the cost of just a little flattery, this black-leotard-wearing, mullet-clad, ski-goggle-sporting flamer of love can be yours!

I can't decide if my favorite part of his look is the hair, the abstract white chest pattern, or the skull and cross bones over the stylized heart. Because why have a piratical skull and crossbones when you can have love and crossbones?! I'm trying to imagine a less scary insignia without resorting to bunnies or puppies, but I'm coming up blank.

I particularly love that the logo is repeated on his shins. I guess when you've got a good thing you've got to work it.

Props also to the writer of that second panel, because that is some crunchy dialog right there, folks. Entirely appropriate given his ridiculous getup, of course, but still, the next time some old fart tells you "They don't write 'em like they used to!", feel free to point to this panel as a reason why.

(Image ©1991, Dark Horse Comics, Inc.)