META: Blog tweaks

I've tinkered with the site a bit and wanted to note it for both of you who are interested.

  1. The "Featured Character" link in the header now automatically shows a random image from the set of 30+ blurbs I've created over time. Now I don't have to edit the header manually each time with the latest one, I just create it and put it in the right directory.
  2. Clicking on the "Featured Character" image in the header, or choosing the "Hall of Fame" category in the right column, takes you to the newly formatted gallery page showing off some of the best contest winners from the past. The intent of this page is, of course, to honor those who have created some of the best images ever, but also to impress new visitors with the versatility of the program. Like the featured blurb, all I have to do is put a post in the "Hall of Fame" category and it will automatically show up on that page.
  3. The big header image at the top now rotates randomly with every page you go to as well.

As you can see, nothing major, but it took more work than I thought it would so I wanted to trumpet it from the virtual rooftops. Yay me!