Pop Quiz 3 Results

Many thanks to everyone who took yesterday's Pop Quiz! I asked you to create a "Monster Manual" style creature, and boy did I get some great ones! Rather than picking and choosing, here they all are in one place. A couple of folks submitted more than one entry, so for them I just took the first one they put in.

Note that I've got a new feature installed -- just click on any image and a Lightbox style slide show will start showing you the image, the author, and the name. You can arrow through all of the entries in a row. I hope this makes it easier to view them. Let me know what you think.

The good news is, everyone gets an "A"! The less good news is, only one student gets the gold star of a victory, and that person is ... Rhinoman for
"Cave Hunter":

From his description:

Cave Hunters are a nomadic group of humanoid creatures normally found in large, subterrranean caves. These monsters are a magical hybrid of cave insects and rock formations. Created to guard treasures in non-dungeon environs, multiple “tribes” may be found inhabiting the largest of caves. Standing from 3-8 feet tall, their appearance differs from cave to cave due to the types of insects and rocks available. They possess natural camouflage and extremely hard bodies. They are impervious to bladed and ranged weapons and heat or cold based magical attacks. They lack keen eyesight and some specimens may be totally blind but have acute senses of hearing and smell. Preferred attack is from their sharp claws but makeshift or scavanged weapons may occur (3-5 d20)

I like the clean simplicity of the design, and also it would probably make me wet my pants if I saw it in a dungeon.

Congratulations to Rhinoman and many thanks to everyone who entered!