V is for Vile

V-Man's cape is very excited to see you:

Other parts apparently share that enthusiasm, all outlined in at-attention vertical red and white stripes. Just in case you were tempted to look away at all.

You might think this schwinging accessory is the byproduct of V-Man leaping down or the wind blowing or possibly Catwoman entering the room. But no, it is literally always like this. I don't know if his little V-Boy or V-Lad or whatever his sidekick's name is has the job of standing around with a giant fan to get it that way or what, but the cape is always standing straight up.

My alternate theory is that the cape is some sort of Venom-like alien symbiote who is actually the hero, and the human to which it's attached itself is just a mindless host. Hence the well-stocked patriotic granny-panties.

(From "V-Comics" number 1, 1942.)