Caption Contest 114 Winners

Here are the Winners of Caption Contest 114! As with the last Character Contest I won't pick an overall winner so no one gets a prize, but all of you are winners in my book. The panel was:

And here are your Winners!

  • Gero: “Okay, I’m starting to think you’re not the real Santa…”
  • skybandit: …and a new Batarang, and some Bat Ponies, and a Bat choo-choo…
  • Gabe Puratekuta: “My second greatest fear has come to life!”
  • TheNate:
    1) You fly around the world, you can see everyone, you live in the North Pole – admit it, you’re Superman’s secret identity!
    2) Please don’t bring out the gimp!
  • Abraxas: Oh Santa, this is everything I wished for.
  • McKnight57: You realize, this puts you on MY naughty list right?
  • Syntax: Oh stop squirming Robin, you’ve been tied up by stranger men.
  • DubbleYoo: Just to be clear… whose Christmas wish is this?
  • X-stacy: Oh, gosh, this is embarrassing. I got him the exact same thing!

Thanks for playing along, folks!